The increasing use of mobile phones is revolutionizing the image of Finnish communication skills. Mobile phones have given rise to a sort of etiquette regarding their use so as to minimise disturbance and danger. Using a mobile phone is prohibited on planes and in hospitals; barbaric at a concert, at the theatre or in church; and inappropriate at meetings and in the classroom. The invasion of the mobile phone has undoubtedly changed foreigners’ perception of Finland.

    Telephone calls

    A mobile phone can be the solution to your communication needs, because it is a relatively cheap way of communicating in Finland. Mobile phones are very handy and travel easily with you in any situation. Mobile phones and prepaid subscriptions can be purchased from the many mobile phone shops in Vaasa. Prepaid subscriptions can also be bought from kiosks and small shops around the city. Telephone booths are not that common anymore but they operate with coins or telephone cards. Telephone cards are available in post offices and kiosks.

    The country code for Finland is 358 and the area code for Vaasa is (0) 6.

    To call from Finland, dial international access code (990 or 991 or 994 or 996 or 99588 or 999), then the country code, the area code and then the actual phone number.