Local bus

    Local bus is a handy way to get around Vaasa. The bus network is rather extensive. Buses go rather seldom (about once or twice each hour). The timetables and the routes of the busses you can find at the bus stops. Timetables, rates and other information are also available on the Internet:  http://www.vaasanpaikallisliikenne.fi/

    You can travel on Vaasa local transport buses using a single ticket, as well as with a Waltti season ticket or a value card (pay as you go card). Single tickets can be bought directly on the bus. A Waltti card can be bought from one of three different service points.

    Needed documents for student discount (for bus card only): Study Certificate from the Study Affairs Office.

    Bus card is sold in:

    • Vaasan Paikallisliikenne Oy, Hovioikeudenpuistikko 11
    • Studio Ticket, Rewell Center

    Bus card can be reloaded in:

    • Vaasan Paikallisliikenne Oy, Hovioikeudenpuistikko 11
    • Studio Ticket, Rewell Center
    • R-Kioski (Rewell Center, Kauppapuistikko, Palosaari, Vöyrinkaupunki, Vetokannas and Huutoniemi)

    Long distance bus

    There are several long distance bus companies that operate in Finland, for example Express Bus, Pohjolan Liikenne an Onnibus offer busses of high standard. Because of the distant location of Vaasa looking from Helsinki, the ride takes about 7 – 8 hours from Helsinki to Vaasa. But it is a great way to see the beautiful countryside along the way.

    For more information regarding timetables, prices and tickets for busses please see Matkahuolto.

    Students can get discount on long distance busses if the trip covers at least 80 kilometres. Express lines may have some extra costs. Students need anyhow to show a VR-Matkahuolto Certificate or a Student Union membership card.

    Needed documents:

    New long distance bus option

    Onnibus: www.onnibus.com. No student discount available but prices are student friendly.


    Call Vaasa Taxi from a foreign country +358 600 30011 or in Finland 0600 30011. More info