BBA Annika Silvast works for Pöyry, Finnish consulting company specializing in energy, infrastructure and manufacturing related projects.

    Your Motives to choose VAMK? I had never been to Vaasa and I wanted to see a new part and side of Finland.

    Your opinion of the degree programme of International Business?
    Good thing about our degree program is that you get to know so many different kind of people, which is very valuable in the working life later on. For me personally the accounting courses were the most useful and the most fun! Some might say accounting is boring, but during our courses we had interesting conversation about issues in business and finance and sometimes we got quite competitive in solving the accounting problems.

    What kinds of experiences did you have from practical training? I did my whole practical training in a company called MRB-Holding that is a company involved designing, manufacturing and maintenance of construction, breaking, excavating and earthmoving equipment and attachments. My work included different kinds of administrative and supportive tasks from accounting to preparing paper work for export and import activities. I was able to put the different skills I learned at school into real use and develop them further. Especially the skill of being able to develop an overall picture of business operations has helped me a lot also in my current job.

    The most memorable experience from your study period? Most memorable moments were when we were planning the first marketing campaign for the International Business degree program and travelling to schools in the Ostrobothnia area to tell what it is like to study International Business.

    What is best in Vaasa? One of my favorite things in Vaasa was always the sea. The size of the city is also perfect for a student; it is not too expensive to live and you can go everywhere with the bike or by foot. The cherry on top was of course all the great friends a got during my time in Vaasa!

    Tell about your “normal” work day? I am responsible for the German speaking countries and there are some tricks that you need to know about each country, which makes it even more challenging and interesting. My daily tasks include for example payment transactions and bank statement postings.

    Your plans for the future?
    I am planning to work now for some time and gain some professional experience but at some point, I want still study and do the MBA degree.

    Posted on 12/20/2017.