Lukumanu Iddrisu studied international business at VAMK and specialised in marketing.

    On what subject did you write your final thesis on and for which company? I wrote on Thought Leadership. This is a new subject matter that is yet to be captured in business textbooks. Although it has some connection to Marketing. It is a qualitative research and the participated companies include Jabil Inc (USA), Thought Leadership Lab (USA), MCG (Germany), Fonts UAS (Holland) and ConnectWise Inc. (USA).  I did not explicitly do it for one company. But the thesis made recommendations for organisations from different industries.

    Could you tell something about your practical training period? Ghana Tourism Authority is the company I had my practical training. I was deployed to the Research, Statistics & Information Department. The department’s duty is to research on Ghana’s tourism activities, gather and analyse data and inform the organization of the findings which will then be used to advice the Ministry of Tourism for new directives.

    Your main duties there? My main duties were administering questionnaires, coding questionnaires, data key-in and data analysis. Each category of the aforementioned duties were scheduled weekly and became a routine. Other duties included liaising with the Marketing Department to accomplish a related task.

    What did you learn? Whilst administering questionnaires at tourism events, I was exposed to meeting tourists from different parts of the world and interacting with them. This broadened my horizon regarding why people want to travel to places and why they are touring Ghana.

    Can you recommend IB-studies at VAMK? Why? Yes! I would always recommend VAMK IB studies because the school has the necessary facilities to help students achieve their aims. Furthermore, the teaching and learning styles goes beyond the routine methods of general schooling practices. VAMK’s teaching methods are unique in such that it gives a feeling of real working life experience which will in turn make it easy for students to pursue their career goals after graduation.

    Posted on 12/20/2017.