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    Cloud-Based Software Engineering

    60 ects – 2 years |  Blended teaching  | Intake: 20

    Joint application: 16.3.–30.3.2022

    Do you want to become an expert in cloud computing and applications?

    How to use

    State-of-the-art cloud computing for practical problem solving. 

    How to develop

    Deepen your competence and widen your possibilities in ICT working-life.

    How to design

    Advanced skills to master cloud architecting in the context of intelligent industrial applications. 

    Master the art of cloud-based Engineering

    The degree programme is especially suitable for people who:

    • Want to advance towards more demanding international positions in their career
    • Want to combine work and studies in developing their company
    • Want to get new perspectives for their work through studying with other professionals


    The Master's studies are linked close to your own work tasks, so with the learning tasks and the thesis development project you can  evolve  your own employer organization or project.

    At Vaasa University of Applied Sciences, you will gain a strong theoretical basis for practical problem solving. These are highly valuable in future's working life.


    You can apply if you have

    • Bachelor's degree in engineering in Finland or equivalent degree completed outside Finland.
    • Work experience of 24 months after graduation. Read more here.

    The degree conforms with the standards set by the Finnish national degree system as well as with the European framework for degrees and competences. It gives a qualification for a public appointment where a master's degree is required. The program also includes courses which can lead to professional certification in project management.


    Studying in practice

    Studies are a combination of practical and theoretical approach. A tight collaboration with region's companies gives you the opportunity to tailor your studies according to real-life practical  promlem solving.

    The programme consists of core studies, profiling studies, optional studies and the master’s thesis. The thesis corresponds to 30 ECTS, which makes it the most important part of your studies.

    The studies are conducted in English and they are organised as part-time studies with multimodal learning methods. The learning process consists of lectures, independent work, distance learning assignments and development projects.


    • The degree programme lasts 1.5 to 2 years.
    • The studies are conducted as online studies, allowing you to work at the same time.
    • Time-efficient and practical training.


    Career opportunities

    There is a high demand of Software Engineering experts on the labor market. Most of our master students work full-time during their studies. Studying with other professionals also offers you new perspectives for your work.

    With the master’s degree, you will have excellent opportunities for higher-level jobs and more demanding positions in working life. After graduation, you can also apply for Ph.D. studies in Finland or abroad.

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