Expert of business

    International Business, Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

    International marketing, foreign trade and international management will be your superpowers. As you will study in English, you will be perfectly equipped for your career – whether it be in a multinational company abroad or in an international company in Finland.

    210 ects – 3.5 years | Practical training: 30 ects | Intake: 40

    Do you want to learn how to navigate the flows of international trade with confidence?

    Strong foundation

    In International Business you'll learn international marketing, foreign trade and international management.

    Hands-on experience

    In International Business you'll learn modern ways of doing business through diverse teaching methods and company projects.

    Multicultural know-how

    In International Business you'll learn to operate in a multicultural environment through an international college campus and study periods abroad.

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    Is International Business for you?

    Together with the international students, the degree programme in International Business is the perfect way for you to gain higher education, excellent English skills and cultural experience.

    Are you interested in studying next to the largest energy technology cluster of Northern Europe?

    Teachers and lecturers with international experience are professionals in their field. They use varying teaching methods and give personal guidance to students. Besides the student exchange and  practical  training  abroad,  you  also  have  the  possibility  to  study  a  Double  Degree in one of our partner universities in Germany or Poland.

    International Business studies give you a broad knowledge of

    • International Marketing
    • Export and Import Management and
    • Strategic Logistics Management
    • Entrepreneurship
    • Accounting

    In our Double Degree programme you study at two universities and graduate from both.

    Vaasa, a Beautiful City With Global Connections

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    Let´s get practical!

    The studies consist of  active  problem-based  individual  and  teamwork  learning  tasks  dealing  with  marketing,  management and foreign trade issues. Co-operation with the industry provides authentic work-related cases that are integrated into the studies in form of various learning assignments and projects.

    A three-month stay in a foreign country according to the student’s choice is included in the programme, either in the form of studies or work placement. This gives the students the opportunity to improve their language skills and at the same time they will get a more profound knowledge of different business and cultural environments.

    International Business Curricula

    Future Professions

    Due to extensive studies in International Business you´ll get interesting work possibilities all over the world.

    Your possible future profession might be in:

    • Marketing
    • Export and import
    • Forwarding
    • Transportation
    • Custom clearance

    Practical training in the region's companies as well as in the school's modern premises prepare you for working life.

    Students on spotlight

    Students in spotlight

    Jennica Lattunen

    I wanted to study business and marketing. VAMK convinced me with practical approach on business as well as comprehensive take on scientific fundamentals.

    Jennica's story

    Aysu Asibol

    " Work experience in Finland or a degree from a Finnish university is seen as a very valuable asset in Turkey. Just come, you won’t regret it. Even the winter is actually quite nice, since there are beautiful lights on every street. "

    Aysu's story

    Nouwen at desk.jpg
    COVID-19 and distance learning in IB

    What does it look like to study International Business with heavy restrictions on teaching methods? It looks different but no  less international!

    Creative Ways of Learning