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    International Business Management, Master of Business Administration (MBA)

    90 ects – 3 years  |  Online teaching  Intake: 20

    Joint application: 5.1.–19.1.2022

    Do you want to learn how to manage and develop a business?

    Researched management

    In International Business Management (MBA) you’ll learn to how to apply modern research methods to management.

    Well-executed operations

    In International Business Management (MBA) you’ll learn how operations are developed on the basis of research.

    Tailored for you

    In International Business Management (MBA) you’ll learn to implement since the programme is tailored to your own expertise.

    Develop your company towards an international future

    The degree programme is especially suitable for people who:

    • Want to advance towards more demanding international positions in their career
    • Want to combine work and studies in developing their company
    • Want to get new perspectives for their work through studying with other professionals

    The degree programme of International Business Management prepares the international business community and the public sector for demanding expert and managerial positions. In your studies, you focus on the development of your company, which you can reflect on both in writing and in discussions with your fellow students.

    You study independently and share your expertise in group work, where you also get new perspectives on your own work. You will be able to combine new theories in the field to your own experience and develop as an expert. The degree also gives a new drive to your work and opportunities for career advancement.

    You will gain both theoretical and empirical knowledge to develop your own expertise.

    An MBA in International Business Management is equated with a master's degree at the university level and produces eligibility for positions that require a master's degree.

    You can apply to study for a master's degree in International Business Management if:

    1. You have completed Bachelor degree in Business administration or bachelor degree in Hospitality Management in Finland or equivalent degree completed outside Finland.
    2. Additionally you have 24 months of work experience required from related field (business or tourism) from the date of award of bachelor degree.

    Studying in practice

    Teaching is carried out entirely as online studies with multimodal learning methods.

    The emphasis in the study is on interaction and teamwork: during your studies, you can share your expertise with other students. The studies are linked close to your own work tasks, so with the learning tasks and the thesis development project you have the opportunity to develop your own employer organization or project. At the beginning of your studies, a personal study plan will be created, which also includes a thesis implementation plan.

    • The degree programme lasts 1.5 to 2 years.
    • The studies are conducted as online studies, allowing you to work at the same time.
    • Time-efficient and practical training.

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