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    At Open University of Applied Sciences (Open UAS) you can study courses that are included to degree programmes at VAMK regardless of your age and educational background.

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    Production Management, 3 op

    Apply now 16.3.2020 – 25.5.2020

    To provide the students understanding of the strategic role of production management which is responsible for producing the goods offered by a company.

    The course will be carried out as an online course with individual week tasks, self tests and reflecting assignments to do. The total work load of the course is 81 h. A more detailed specification of different learning activities is presented at the beginning of the course.

    Previous studies:

    International Supply Chain Management or equivalent knowledge obtained otherwise.


    Study time: 1.6.2020 – 31.8.2020

    Product development and design. Planning and scheduling practices. Quality control. Production and inventory management such as Lean manufacturing and JIT. The course is divided into 5 parts within a time frame of 15 weeks. Taught in English.

    • Part 0: Getting started
    • Part 1: Introduction and Basic Concepts
    • Part 2: Continous Improvement; Waste Elimination; Customer-Focused Quality
    • Part 3: Elements of Lean Production
    • Part 4: Production Management Systems
    • Part 5: Quality Management
    • End of Course: Reflecting and giving feedback

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    Ilmoittautuminen opintojaksoille avoimen AMK:n ilmoittautumislomakkeella.

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    The studies you have completed can be included to your degree studies if you are later admitted to a degree programme at Vaasa University of Applied Sciences.

    The studies are open to everyone regardless of educational background or age. When enrolling to courses it should be taken into consideration that for some courses there may be requirements regarding previous knowledge. The purpose of this is to ensure that groups’ past experiences are sufficient enough for courses in question. Completion of advanced studies courses often requires completion of basic studies courses. We recommend you to consider whether your background matches the preliminary requirements of the courses before applying for the courses. Another important prerequisite is that the student has a good command of the teaching language (English/Finnish, depending on the program).

    Also the prerequisite for taking Open UAS Studies is that the student lives in Finland. Any foreign student who is interested in attending Open UAS Studies needs a visa or a residence permit, depending on the student’s citizenship. In practice, it is difficult to get a visa or a residence permit for this purpose. For current information about visas and immigration to Finland, visit the Finnish Directorate on Immigration home pages:


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