Study Paths are intended for students who are aiming at degree studies. However, it is not possible to obtain a degree through Open UAS Studies but the student aiming at degree studies must apply in Joint Application. Completed Open UAS Studies courses can be included to degree studies if the student is later admitted to a degree programme at VAMK.

    At least 60 completed credit units of degree specific studies gives the possibility of applying for degree studies on the basis of Open UAS Studies. Students applying with completed Open UAS Studies apply in a separate application that is arranged by the University of Applied Sciences. More information about separate application can be found here.

    More information about applying to degree programs as well as the criteria of applying from Admission Services (

    The Study Paths

    The study paths consist of first year's studies of the degree programme in question. For a study path you do not need to have a certain educational background but there may still be some requirements (for example language skills) if they are considered essential for succeeding in the studies.

    The studies are carried out in the same group with degree students and the lectures are day-time on weekdays (Monday to Friday). You can take part in the same courses than other students in the group. You will get a student account to use the school's computer system. Also the library services are available to everyone.

    Because Open UAS studies do not lead directly to a degree, it is not possible to get study grant or subsidised meals or student prized tickets in trains or buses.