School of Business´ Study Paths are intended for students who are aiming at degree studies in business. The study paths consist of first year's studies of the degree programme in question. Completed Open Studies courses can be included to degree studies if the student is later admitted to a degree programme at VAMK.

    In the link below there is the study path that begins in the autumn 2018. The name of the path serves as link to the curriculum. First year's studies are listed in the column Study Year 1. The number in the column indicates the amount of credits given of each course. Contact the planner of Open Studies when you need information about the schedules. Studies in International Business are held day-time (Mondays to Fridays).

    Enrollment begins on 14th August at 9.00 o'clock.

    Individual Courses

    It is also possible to select smaller study packages or individual courses according to your needs. You can check the link above and see if there are courses that interest you and then ask for more detailed information about schedules from the planner of Open Studies. It is also possible to select courses from second and third study year. (Note the possible requirements of previous knowledge if you wish to choose advanced courses). Then you can also check the curricula of previous (2016-2017 and 2017-2018) academic year. (Then see the columns Study year 2. and 3.)