Blended learning

Studies tailored for life – Blended learning

Having a family or a job does not have to mean that you cannot study. At VAMK, you can also complete a degree as blended learning studies, which means studying in the evenings and on weekends. The aim is to link your studies to your work. You will also receive a personal study plan based on your previous education, work experience and other skills.

Flexibly while working

Blended learning is for those who want to update their skills with a new degree at a later stage in their life and career. In this case, the teaching is organized in such a way that you can complete the degree while working or from another location.

Blended learning and full-time studies have similar content, but the teaching arrangements are different


Blended learning studies at VAMK:

Bachelor's degrees

2- to 4- year programmes that complement the student’s previous education and work experience.

Master's degrees

2- to 3-year programmes that meet the evolving skills needs of the world of work and provide access to further study leading to a qualification through a vocational pathway.

Open UAS studies

Suitable for everyone, regardless of background or age. You can study courses or parts of courses that are part of our degrees. The Open University of Applied Sciences is also a great way to study for a degree.

Continuing education

Tailor-made programmes for businesses, communities and public administrations, related to the fields of the universities of applied sciences.

Bachelor’s Degrees in Blended learning

Master’s Degrees in Blended learning