Additional application

Additional application to VAMK degree programmes in International Business (BBA) and Information Technology (B.Eng) takes place 17.8.-21.8.2020 at

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The student selection is based on the results of the online entrance exam.

  • Entrance exam for International Business takes place on 25.8.2020 from 14.00 to 17.00 Finnish time (exam time 3 hours): . Exam form is timed and exam can be accessed on 25.8 at 14.00.
  • Entrance exam for Information Technology takes place on 25.8.2020 from 11.00 to 13.30 Finnish time (exam time 2h 30 minutes): . Use of calculator is allowed. Applicant must have reliable Internet connection and scanning possibility in order to complete the tasks. Exam form is timed and can be accessed on 25.8 at 11.00.

Exam participants from outside of Finland can check the Finnish time e.g. with the Time and Date website:

Results of both entrance exams are only valid for admission to Vaasa UAS (VAMK). Separate invitations to entrance exams will not be sent to applicants. Notice that exam answers are evaluated only when applicant has also submitted an application during the application period at !

Notice that you must complete the tasks on your own. Exam answers can be verified later in an interview. If answers differ from the ones given in the written test, study right might be cancelled.