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We are an agile sized university of applied sciences and famous for our good team spirit. Technological expertise, internationality and working-life partnerships are at the core of our operations. We educate professionals for technical, commercial, social and care sector jobs on a full-time basis, but also flexibly outside working hours.

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Oy Vaasan ammattikorkeakoulu – Vasa yrkeshögskola Ab

Oy Vaasan ammattikorkeakoulu – Vasa yrkeshögskola Ab (VAMK) is owned by the City of Vaasa, the University of Vaasa and Ostrobothnia Chamber of Commerce.

The supreme decision-making power of the limited liability company is exercised by the general meeting of shareholders, where the shareholders exercise their power based on the number of votes of their ownership share. The Board of Directors, in accordance with the Companies Act, is responsible for the company’s governance and the appropriate organisation of the company’s operations. VAMK’s Rector also acts as the CEO of the company, supported by the management group.


Vaasa University of Applied Sciences, VAMK, started its operations as a temporary university of applied sciences on 1 August 1996. It was based on five educational institutions: Vaasa Technical College, Vaasa Commercial College, Vaasa Hotel and Restaurant College, Vaasa Health Care College, and Vaasa Home Economics and Social Services College.

During the experimental phase, the educational institutions were merged and, at the time of establishment, the Vaasa Technical College, the Vaasa Business and Hotel Institute and the Vaasa Social and Health Care College remained. The educational institutions have a long tradition before merging: Vaasa has offered education in commerce and business for over 100 years and health care education for 25 years. Technical experts have been educated in Vaasa since 1849.

With the exception of the Technical College, the institutions were divided into the university of applied sciences and secondary educational institutions in connection with the establishment on 1 August 1999. Technology and Transport, Business and Tourism, and Social and Health Care sectoral units were formed at VAMK. In connection with the establishment, VAMK’s strengths were identified as multidisciplinarity, multilingualism, internationality and high technological competence.

AMK’s operations were transformed into a limited liability company from the beginning of 2010. Oy Vaasan ammattikorkeakoulu – Vasa yrkeshögskola Ab is owned by the City of Vaasa, the University of Vaasa and Ostrobothnia Chamber of Commerce.

Board Members

Board Members

The representatives of the city of Vaasa:

  • Christina Knookala, Chairperson of the Board
  • Sture Erickson
  • Jasmin Granholm
  • Susanna Koski
  • Sirpa Sainio
  • Student representative: Anne Ilmonen
  • Staff representative: Kenneth Norrgård

Other members:

  • Jari Kuusisto, University of Vaasa
  • Johanna Kakkuri, Ostrobothnia Chamber of Commerce
  • The President, CEO acts as the rapporteur in the Board of Directors, and the Rector’s secretary as the secretary of the Board
VAMK's Management Group

The members of VAMK’s Management Group are:

  • President, CEO Kati Komulainen, Chair of Management Group
  • Administrative director Piia Kujala
  • Director of Education Sanna Eronen
  • Director of Business and Social and Health Unit Elina Martin
  • Director of Engineering Unit Jorma Tuominen
  • Director of MUOVA Design Center Annika Hissa
  • Deirector of Marketing and Communications Sirpa Rutanen
  • Student representative: Antti Kaskiluoto
  • Secretary of the Management Group: Miia Leinonen

Annual work plan for management

Annual work plan for management 2022