The general mask recommendation is being lifted on April 22


Corona policy

  • You must be completly symptom-free when entering campus and you can use facemask at your own discrection.
  • We recommend that everyone take coronary vaccines as directed by the authorities. These are presumably required of students in social and health care in connection with internships.
  • Read more about regional recommendations and instructions concerning corona virus at


  • Exams are carried out as usual (recommendation for distant exams has been removed).
  • Company visits can be held following company's own policy.


A prerequisite for safe operations on campus is responsible cooperation

  • Remember our safety instructions when working on campus, read our corona instructions.
  • You will only come to work on campus in good health.
  • The face mask recommendation on VAMK's campus will be removed in accordance with the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) recommendation. Everyone can still use the mask at their own discretion, for example in situations where it is difficult to avoid close contact. 
  • Rapid tests have been reserved for staff, which can be obtained from the information desk in case of suspicion of infection. As a symptom, you cannot pick up the test.

Follow the information

The preparedness group does not operate anymore. However, the situation is monitored constantly and we will notify you again if notable changes occur.


Questions? Contact turvallisuus(at) directly.


Occupational Health

  • Don't come to work sick! If you have flu-like symptoms (sore throat, runny nose, cough, fever, muscle ache, shortness of breath, stomach flu), stay at home until you're completely healthy. If you are otherwise well and able to work you can work remotely. Please inform your supervisor of the situation.
  • If necessary, you can contact Pihlajalinna's Nurse Telephone Service: 010-312 011 (Finnish and English) and 010-312 0137 (Swedish).
  • We recommend you to take corona virus test if you have the slightest doubt about coronavirus infection. Please book your appointment on Pihlajalinna's webpage, Pihlaalinna's app Terveyssovellus or by phone 010 312 011. Corona test is included in our occupational health contract so it is free of charge for staff. In addition, you can have rapid test from the janitor's office.
  • Outside office hours, please contact the Medical Helpline: 116 117
  • No specific measures will be taken at the workplace while waiting for the test result. The employee shall, of course, be on sick leave at least until the test result arrives.