Covid-19 update  

Due to the changed nationwide corona situation, here are the updated instructions for our operations:

Remote work:

A nationwide recommendation for remote work has been given for spreading areas of covid-19. Where possible, we recommend remote work for administrative and support staff. Working on campus is possible if needed. The evaluation and planning work of the teaching staff is recommended to be done remotely.


  • Teaching will continue as planned.
  • The size of study groups is no longer limited in teaching 25.10. since.
  • The safety intermediate recommendation is no longer valid.
  • From the beginning of 2022, teaching will be planned normally, including for international students. 
  • If a student is quarantined, the teacher is not required to offer he or she a separate, live distance learning opportunity, but is offered alternative independent study assignments.

Travel and International exchange:

International travel is agreed with the supervisor and only necessary international travel is carried out. The latest information must always be checked on both Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare's and Ministry for Foreign Affairs' websites.

  • VAMK will receive exchange students during the autumn semester of 2021, and it is also possible for VAMK's students to go on an exchange.
  • For staff in 2021, no exchanges or travel abroad are recommended except for necessary trips. If necessary, travel will be discussed with the head of the unit.


Meetings: Remote meetings are preferred.
Events: Before organizing the event, contact:


A prerequisite for safe operations on campus is responsible cooperation

  • Remember our safety instructions when working on campus, read our corona instructions
  • You will only come to work on campus in good health
  • When visiting campus, we always wear a mask and follow safety instructions. VAMK offers masks for simulation and laboratory teaching, otherwise the student takes care of them himself. Surgical masks or FFP2 masks are available for staff.
  • As a rule, students obtain their mask themselves, but if the mask is forgotten at home, they can retrieve the mask from th info desk. In small group work, VAMK offers students masks, as before.
  • We recommend that staff and students take the corona vaccination.
  • Rapid tests have been reserved for staff, which can be obtained from the information desk in case of suspicion of infection. As a symptom, you cannot pick up the test.
  • Individual visitors and lecturers are welcome on campus following the COVID guidelines, but we do not accept larger groups of visitors and do not host visitor events on our premises.


Follow the information

Our preparedness group meets weekly. We will also continue to provide staff with weekly COVID-19 discussion events. We will notify you again if notable changes occur.


Questions? Contact directly.


General instructions for staff

The COVID-19 situation changes constantly. VAMK actively monitors the situation and always follows the instructions given by the authorities. VAMK wants to take responsibility for preventing the spread of the virus.

VAMK's students, staff and stakeholders are effectively protected and a safe study and work environment is made possible. To achieve this, every member of our college community is encouraged to commit to our common rules of the game.

You will only be on the campus completely healthy and good hand and cough hygiene will be taken care of.

The development of the corona situation is monitored daily at VAMK. The preparedness group meets weekly and, if necessary, takes measures to ensure a safe working and study environment. The parties will be notified of the changes.

Services on campus

Study offices, and HelpDesk, as well as international and applicant services, normally serve on campus and online. Good hand hygiene are ensured when dealing with the study office. You can check the opening hours of the library here. Be sure to follow the safety instructions provided.


Safe work on campus:

A prerequisite for a safe return to campus is responsible cooperation. In all VAMK's operations, the aim is to observe safety intervals. If necessary, the university provides protective equipment. You will only be on the campus completely healthy and good hand and cough hygiene will be taken care of.

  • Don't come sore to VAMK's premises. If you have any virus-like symptoms such as stomach disease, dry cough, fatigue, muscle aches, congestion, or suspect you may have been exposed to the virus, do not come to campus but apply for a corona test through occupational health.
  • If you use VAMK's facilities, take turns with colleagues whenever possible. An asymptomatic person can also infect the virus, and the illness of an entire team would significantly limit our ability to function.

Hand and cough hygiene

Every member of the university community contributes to good hand and cough hygiene:

  • Careful and repeated hand washing and the use of hand gloves are an important part of VAMK's daily routines.
  • Immediately upon arrival at the campus facilities, moving from one facility or class to another, and otherwise as necessary, care will be taken to wash hands and use hand gloves.
  • A disposable handkerchief is used for coughing and sneezing, after which it is immediately placed in the trash. If there is no handkerchief, cough or sneeze on the sleeve but not on the hands.

Read more from THL's website.


We use face mask at VAMK

The campus has a strong mask recommendation. Whenever safety intervals cannot be guaranteed, personnel are required to wear masks under the Occupational Safety and Health Act. Everywhere in contact teaching, in Alere's simulation classes, Technobotnia workshops and computer classes, students and staff always wear protective masks. The instructions are valid until further notice.

  • Masks are available for staff. You can pick up protective equipment from the janitors free of charge.
  • Employees should note that the masks are only intended for use during working hours.
  • As a rule, students acquire their masks themselves, but in laboratory and simulation exercises where it is not possible to maintain a safety distance, teachers distribute masks to students.
  • The teacher picks up a package of masks from a janitor, who then distributes the disinfected hands to the students. Janitors are in charge of storing the masks. Students are given one mask for each lesson where it is not possible to keep safety distances. As a rule, these situations are simulation teaching or laboratory work.

With regard to personnel, the preparedness group will discuss about the introduction of reusable masks, but for the time being, the personnel will use disposable masks if they wish. Masks can be picked up daily from the janitors.

Cleaning and wiping surfaces

Cleaning has already been further intensified at VAMK and is carried out in accordance with THL's instructions. Disinfectant wipes are available on site. You can contact our property manager Sanna Torkko directly about cleaning-related matters.

If you suspect coronavirus infection or are at risk:

You must not enter VAMK's premises if you are ill or symptomatic. Should any symptoms occur, it is the responsibility of each member of the higher education community to apply for corona testing without delay in accordance with the instructions they receive from the health care provider in their home region. Anyone who knows the symptoms or suspects exposure can fill out an assessment of their well-being through

The staff can also use the services of Pihlajalinna, which offers us occupational health care services and also corona testing.

Please contact your healthcare provider by phone or digital means.

Occupational Health (Pihlajalinna from 1.1.2021)

  • Don't come to work sick! If you have flu-like symptoms (sore throat, runny nose, cough, fever, muscle ache, shortness of breath, stomach flu), stay at home for at least 24 hours after your fever has gone away before returning to your workplace.
  • If necessary, you can contact Pihlajalinna's Nurse Telephone Service: 010-312 011 (Finnish and English) and 010-312 0137 (Swedish).
  • If you suspect a coronavirus infection, please do first an online symptom check-up at Here you will receive guidelines according to your home municipality and the symptom check-up's results. You can also contact your own health center or Pihlajalinna's Nurse Telephone Service to get a referral to a coronavirus test.
  • Outside office hours, please contact the Medical Helpline: 116 117
  • No specific measures will be taken at the workplace while waiting for the test result. The employee shall, of course, be on sick leave at least until the test result arrives.

Read more detailed instructions:

Coronavirus guidelines


People in higher risk of serious COVID-19 symptoms

If you belong to risk groups identified by THL, contact your supervisor and occupational health about work arrangements. You can check the risk groups here. The aim is to organize the work in such a way that there is no risk of exposure. The doctor decides whether to belong to the risk group.


Travel at home and abroad

Trips abroad may only be made by persons with a digital covid certificate, which is required by our travel insurance. Travel is agreed with the supervisor. International travel is agreed with the supervisor and only necessary international travel is carried out.

  • If an employee were to be quarantined abroad by a local authority due to a leisure trip, the employer cannot be held liable. This means, for example, that if a person is unable to work remotely during the quarantine in question, he or she will take annual leave, balance-free or unpaid leave for that period.
  • When traveling in Finland, the recommendations issued by the Government must be followed. 

Check nationwide Travel Guidelines and Quarantine Recommendations.


Events on campus

Events can be organized since 25th October. Organizing the event requires a permit issued by VAMK's preparedness team.

  • Organizing the event requires a permit issued by VAMK's preparedness group. It is essential that the organizer ensures in advance that adequate security arrangements can be made for the event, starting with security clearances and other protection. Ensure up-to-date instructions already at the event planning stage by contacting
  • Individual visitors, lecturers and groups are welcome on campus following the COVID-19 guidelines. Requires a permit issued by VAMK's preparedness team.


We use face mask at VAMK

  • Everywhere in contact teaching, in Alere's simulation classes, Technobotnia workshops and computer classes, students and staff always wear protective masks. In these situations, you are free to use either the mask provided by VAMK or your own.
  • There is a strong recommendation to wear a mask on campus
  • The instructions are valid until further notice.


Useful Links:

  • THL constantly monitors the corona situation and updates up-to-date information on its website


  • Updated safety instructions for university staff can be found on the Intranet.
In matters related to COVID-19, you can contact
VAMK organizes a weekly interest rate information and discussion event for the staff, where our principal Kati is happy to answer busy questions and give a review of the situation.