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Graphic guidelines

The application of the graphic guidelines is directed and supervised by VAMK's communications and marketing team. The use of the VAMK logo and graphics without an agreement is prohibited.

VAMK logo

Preferred logo

The official version of the logo of Vaasa University of Applied Sciences is four-coloured (CMYK). The VAMK colour codes of the logo can be found in the colour specifications (see Colours) and, additionally, 100% black is used in the text section. In the most recommended and preferred version, VAMK's colourful letter section is at the top and the explanatory black text below. There is also a monochrome black version of the logo, and a negative version in white. The shapes, relationships or colours of the original logo versions may not be altered. Choosing the right colour logo always depends on the colour and darkness of the logo's background. It is important to ensure enough contrast between the background and the logo. The four-colour version of the logo (preferred) is recommended to be used on a light background. There is also a horizontal version of the logo, ask separately if needed from   The ready logo originals must always be used, you can find them in the folder below. 






Alternative colour versions

  • Monochrome logo as a negative, white 100%. The negative version is intended to be used against a black/dark coloured background.
  • Monochrome logo black 100%. The black logo is always used in black-and-white materials. There is no grey version of the logo.
  • Coloured logo as a negative. When set to a dark background, a negative version of the logo can be used.





Minimum size and protection area

The minimum size is determined by the width of the logo. The width of the four-colour logo must be at least 30 mm. Exceptions to the minimum size limit may only be made in special cases.

The protection area is defined according to the VAMK section so that it is always half its height. As far as possible, a protection area should be left around the logo, and no other elements may be placed inside it.



The logo may not be edited

The logo's shape, layout, parts, protection areas or colour may not be altered. The text of the logo may not be separated from the VAMK symbol except by the communications and marketing services of the university. No graphics or images may be placed on the logo protection area or the logo. You may not make your own versions of the logo. The logo must stand out from the background. The colour under the logo must never be the same colour as the VAMK text.


Material bank

download here




Fonts used in printed materials and digital marketing

The Google Lato-font is generally used in VAMK's print communications, digital advertising and web pages. In addition, the Brushup-font is used as an effect in advertising materials to bring a relaxed feeling. 





Font used in digital general materials

In general digital tools used by all staff, such as Power Point and Word templates, the Arial font is used to replace the Lato font. The Lato font is used in digital advertising and the webpages.