Available connection software for personal devices

For Windows 8, 10, Mac/iOS and Android devices users can download and install Microsoft Remote Desktop application from devices own app stores. In practice, Windows 7, 8 and 10 computer users can use the connections without additional installations.

Opening the connection

For opening the connection visit https://rdp.vamk.fi and follow the instructions.

Currently three different connections are available:

  • RemoteApps – general software that VAMK can share for its users to use in personal devices thru remote access. Available software can be searched here
  • BT1 – Abilita software
  • Staff – connection for staff only providing e.g. Rondo

Service requires you to login with username including the domain name:

  • students : username@edu.vamk.fi
  • staff : username@vamk.fi
  • all users : AD\username


Connection limitations

  • Log off/Sign Out function in remote computer shoud be used when closing the connection. Other disconnections will be closed after 5 minutes. Inactive connections will be closed after 6 hours.
  • Any software with license forbidding its use from personal devices thru remote access will not be installed it this service. Most of the software have Academic or similar license, forbidding any commercial use.
  • No personal files should be saved to RDP hosts, user Windows profiles are recycled periodically the same way as in classrooms


Manual configuration

Windows Phone does not support using the linked configuration files, the connection has to be configured manually. As with other phones, Microsoft Remote Desktop has to be installed and can be found from app store. Connection can be configured with "Remote resources" to address https://rdp.vamk.fi/RDWeb/Feed/webfeed.aspx

Currently there doesn't seem to be easily configurable client software for Linux operating system, that would support the used service (you can try freerdp which is packaged in almost all distributions though, and if it works tell helpdesk@vamk.fi). In this case any RDP able client thru OpenVPN can be used.


Connection details:

  • gateway : rdp.vamk.fi
  • target hosts
    • remoteapps : ts02, ts03 tai ts04.ad.puv.fi
    • bt1 : bt1.ad.puv.fi
      NOTICE! server has been retired 2.4.2020, applications moved to RemoteApps
    • staff : staffrdp2.ad.puv.fi