Employment phone

A leasing phone will be bought to all VAMK's full-time employees. The leasing time for the phone is 2 years. Helpdesk will inform the user when it is time to replace the phone. When returning the phone and charger to the leasing company the phone is expected to be intact and in working order. The phone will be emptied and reset by Helpdesk before being returned to the leasing company.


The datapackage for VAMK cellphone plans:

  • Everyone will have a cellphone plan called "100M KOTIMAA", which means that the transmission rate is 100Mb/s and that the data transmission amount is limitless. NOTE! This data transmission package only works in Finland!
  • Please inform the Helpdesk a good time in advanced if you are going abroad so that we can change your cellphone plan to a plan called "300M EU". This means that the transmission rate is 300Mb/s and that the data transmission amount is limitless in Finland and includes a reasonable amount on data transmission (5GB) in the EU. The price for each GB that is exceeded will cost 3,50€/GB.
  • Elisa recommends users to use a so called "reissunetti" if you are travelling outside of the EU. Users can order it before leaving. For more information visit https://elisa.fi/reissunetti/

A few tips:

  • We recommend disabling roaming data on the phone when you are on the airplane.
  • Within the EU we recommend using the phones data transmission package to read e-mails. You can use WIFI if it is available in other countries and hotels but bear in mind that all foreign WIFI-networks aren't always safe.

Samsung / Android

The majority on VAMK staff have a Samsung Galaxy J5, J6 or A40 phone. Instructions on how to use the phone is easily found by using Google search and for example typing "Samsung galaxy a40 manual". Useful tricks can also be found by searching Youtube for example for "Samsung galaxy a40 tips and tricks".


VAMK settings

E-mail, contacts and calendar

  • E-mail, contacts and calendar will be synchronized automatically to your phone.
  • If you change the password with which you log on to the computer, then you also have to type in the new password for the e-mail on your phone. See: Changing the password
  • You can also change the settings for your e-mail account, for example for which time period e-mails should be shown.

Installing applications on the phone

  • You can download and install needed applications from the Play store on Samsung Galaxy J5 & J6.
  • Samsung Galaxy A40 is divided into two sections, Personal and Work. The Play store in the Work section only allows you to install the applications that VAMK has approved. In order to install applications from the Play store in the Personal section you need to have a personal Gmail account to be able to download and install applications.

NOTE! Do not install the Outlook application, it is denied access to VAMKs systems.

  • If you also want to add your private sim-card into the phone then it is recommended that you place the card in slot 2 of the phone. (This way future usage of for example Elisa Ring will be easier)

If you have problems with your phone or need instructions then please send an e-mail to helpdesk@vamk.fi


Elisa links:

Elisa training session at Vamk great hall 2.3.2020: 

(duration: 57 min)


  • If you want the PBX to connect calls to you, be sure to change the status of the entry to free when making a calendar entry.
  • By default, calendar entries go into busy mode, in which case the PBX does not connect calls.