Practical tips for printing:

  • Before you start a long print job it is advisable to check the printer is working correctly (for example by printing only a test page at first).
  • If the printer is missing paper or it is malfunctioning otherwise, please inform these issues to either janitors or the helpdesk
  • If the printer is not printing do not try to re-send the job over and over again. All print jobs will be sent to the servers print spool and you will lose unnecessary pages from your print quota.


Printer map



Print quota

Students have printquota tied to useraccount. Each student receives a reasonable amount of free prints for their study purposes. Quota is given for personal use and is not transferable to other users.

Quota values 120€ which equals 1500 black and white printer pages:

  • black and white printer page 0,08€
  • color printer page 0,40€

NOTE! Cost is based by printer, not by color.

  • If a student requires the right to print more than what is given by the school, please contact Helpdesk.
  • If a printer is doing a poor job, please take the faulty pages with you either to the helpdesk service point or the janitors’ office (in the evening after 4pm), pages will be refunded.


Check your print quota:

  • You can check your remaining print quota (current balance) at
  • Quota amount is also visible when you log into class computers.

Remember to leave some quota for your thesis too!

Printing from personal devices and remote printing

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