Using a video projectors

Classrooms are equipped with video projectors. Projectors display the view from either teacher's computer or a laptop on a silver screen. Source for the view can be changed from a VGA-splitter located on the teacher's desk. More instruction below on using different splitters.


  • Starting a video projector might take several seconds.
  • Remember to select external video display by pressing the following combination on your laptop keyboard:
    (bottom left-hand corner on your keyboard) + P
  • Projectors operate best when resolution is set to:1280 x 800
    This setting can not be locked down and therefore it has to be corrected manually if necessary:
    Right click mouse over the computer's desktop view > Screen resolution > Select the right setting from the drop-down menu.

See also Document cameras









  1. Normal presentation mode. Teacher's computer is set as the source to show on display and the view coming from the video projector.
    Selections on buttons 1 and 2 are green.


  2. Laptop presentation mode. A laptop connected with a VGA cable to the splitter, is set as the source.
    Selection on button 1 is orange and selection on button 2 is green.




4x2 HDMI

Output options:




Select a source for both outputs by clicking Output A / Output B buttons until the blue light is set for desired source:

  1. PC (teacher's computer)
  2. Document camera
  3. Laptop (or other external device)
  4. Empty (no source)


  • PC is shown on display and both projectors (A and B):
    • Output A = 1
    • Output B = 1
  • PC is shown on display and projector A, and the document camera on projector B:
    • Output A = 1
    • Output B = 2
  • Document camera is shown on display and projector A, and a laptop on projector B:
    • Output A = 2
    • Output B = 3