Quality work builds a basis for successes

Quality management in VAMK and audit 2021

The quality policy of Vaasa University of Applied Sciences defines the key principles of the quality assurance system, quality management and organisation culture in Vaasa University of Applied Sciences.


Audit March 23-24, 2021

VAMK's international quality system audit will be held online on March 23-24, 2021

The audit visit will be implemented online as interviews or as workshops. During the visit, the audit team will interview the staff and students from various degree programmes, units as well as representatives of stakeholders. The invitations to the interviews will be sent to the groups of interviewees and everyone will participate using one's own computer. The purpose of the interviews is to verify that everything presented in the self-assessment report and other material sent in advance is carried out as presented at VAMK.

VAMK's audit is the first international audit to be implemented using the FINEEC's audit model. In the audit, it will be evaluated if our quality work meets European standards and if our own quality assessment supports continuous enhancement.

Working Life Cooperation in Particular Focus

The entire management and quality system will be evaluated in the audit but education and its impact are in focus. Impact means societal engagement, significant RDI activities, and organisational culture that promotes renewal.

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Quality Handbook

Audit press release 16.2.

Quality system

The Rector is responsible for the quality system. Every member of the community is responsible, in accordance with his or her duties, for the obligations of implementing the quality management system. Our quality management system in its entirety is described in our Intranet. The guidelines, procedures and processes, as well as the systems that the university uses to maintain and develop the quality of education, research, management and supervisory work, have been collected in the Intranet.

Quality work is based on a well-functioning quality process

The core content of quality management is available to all VAMK employees in the form of an electronic operations manual in which the objectives, functions and actors and their responsibilities are tangibly and clearly defined. Action plans, process descriptions and feedback systems, as well as periodic self-assessments, link the quality system to the goals, operations and operational guidance of the university.

The purpose of quality management is to develop the quality of vocational higher education. Quality management comprises leading the operations, planning, evaluation, and continuous improvement to achieve the quality goals.




Audited quality system


The quality assurance system of Vaasa University of Applied Sciences passed the international audit of the quality system performed by the Higher Education Evaluation Council in 2015, and the audit is valid for six years. In Finland, the Higher Education Evaluation Council acts as an independent expert body whose task is to assist higher education institutions and the Ministry of Education in the evaluation of higher education institutions, thereby improving the quality of higher education.

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VAMKs Self-assessment report 2021_08012021.pdf



The next international audit of the quality system will be performed in spring 2021.




The themes will be presented and discussed in Quality Zooms and they be informed of in weekly Quality Bulletins, as well. Audit ’21 Team will compile the staff’s and...



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VAMK's quality policy

The vision of Vaasa University of Applied Sciences is to be the most important partner in competence.

The quality policy of Vaasa University of Applied Sciences defines the key principles of the quality assurance system, quality management and organisation culture in Vaasa University of Applied Sciences.

The key principles of quality work are the following:

  • The activities are based on the premises approved by VAMK's board of directors and presented in the operational and financial plan.
  • The operations are guided by VAMK's strategy, vision, mission and values that the school's board of directors has approved.
  • The entire personnel is committed to and takes ownership of implementing quality work.
  • Quality work strengthens the integration of VAMK's three tasks (teaching, research and regional development).

Quality Handbook

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