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Strategy 2030

We create a competitive edge for key players in the business sector by coaching future talent and providing a pioneering perspective.

VAMK strategy 2030



Our ambition to be an interesting and creative partner, a link between the world of work and students, is crystallised in our vision and mission. We promote skills and know-how as well as development work that is based on the needs of the world of work. Societal impact requires enthusiasm, innovation, courage and ability to solve.

Our values


We are easily approachable. We trust and respect everyone as a person and work as a team.


Together we have the courage to be inspired, inspire others and be creative, we are allowed to experiment. We develop our skills and expertise in a goal- and future-oriented way.


We anticipate and know the needs and expectations of both students and the world of work, to which we respond in a solution-oriented and innovative way.


Our openness constructs social dialogue and interaction.

Greetings from our President Kati

"Our new strategy is an inspiring one.

Its sympathetic approach is based on our core values of being open, pioneering
and customer-driven. We live in active interaction with our operational environment and develop our societal impact and interaction through openness. We want to be the main partner in expertise to our own people – our students and staff – and to our partners and the society in which we live, both nationally and internationally. Our cross cutting expertise in technology, business, social services, health care and design allows us to meet complex problems in society in a multidisciplinary way. Our graduates enhance the vitality and expertise of the region locally, nationally and internationally. This strategy is easy to commit to, since it fits naturally into our day-to-day activities


Kati Komulainen

President, CEO

Kati Komulainen, President, CEO

Societal influence and interaction

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AREAS FOR DEVELOPMENT 1 | Deepening cooperation with working life in the region

We want to be the main partner in expertise

Vaasa University of Applied Sciences, VAMK, is a novel, active and desired partner combining higher education with working life. The content of education is based on the needs of working life, and this collaboration benefits both parties.

In addition to expertise, VAMK offers opportunities for continuous learning. This is ensured by flexible study paths and digitalisation in close cooperation with other higher education institutions in the region.

Strategic collaboration agreements are concluded and developed further. This makes it possible for our teaching staff to work in partner companies and experts from working life to provide teaching. Structured, developing and expanding collaboration becomes stable and mutual.

  • Working life cooperation also focuses on RDI and service activities as well as interna-tionality and bilingualism. The UAS deepens its collaboration with SMEs.
  • All degree programmes work in collaboration with secondary education institutions.
  • Teaching cooperation with the University of Vaasa is expanded.
  • Open UAS course supply is increased.

Follow-up indicators:

  • Open UAS
  • Study credits completed in specialisation studies


Our cooperation agreement partners:

 ABB, LähiTapiola, the city of Vaasa, social- & healthcare, Vaasa central Hospital, Vaasan Sähkö Oy, Vacon Oy, Kesko, Viria Oyj, Wapice Oy, Wärtsilä



AREAS FOR DEVELOPMENT 2 | Increasing the volume and competence level of RDI and service activities

kuva2Our strenght:

Robot automation
Smart grids

Together we promote our region's vitality

Vaasa University of Applied Sciences aims at increasing and expanding its RDI and service activities in a sustainable and controlled way as part of a national and international network. The UAS actively creates networks with operators in the region. 

  • VAMK is a member of the Robocoast consortium that supports export companies in the coastal region.
  • Our RDI projects include 150 corporate partners each year. The goal is to raise the number of partners to 250 by 2024.
  • The UAS projects that are based on the needs of working life must have an impact on society and challenge companies to develop as well. The projects are communicated using multiple channels.
  • Vaasa University of Applied Sciences is strongly committed to open science and research principles.
  • The UAS develops cooperation platforms and builds novel forms of cooperation with interest groups.
  • The university will be carbon neutral by 2030. 

Follow-ip indicators:

  • Volume of external project funding
  • Number of publications
  • Number of enterprises involved in RDI projects

Focus areas – VAMK's profiling expertise


Smart energy efficient electrical engineering: Design expertise, modern digitalised production technologies and project management


Business competence
in the export industry


Socially sustainable,
ethical and reforming health care
and social welfare services


Design of market-oriented and sustainable product and service systems, as well as industrial, and health care and social welfare services


AREAS FOR DEVELOPMENT 3 | International work and study environment

Our graduates are international experts

VAMK is focused on training international experts for the export-oriented working life of the region. Our students have the international experience required by export-oriented operators.

  • Together with companies, employment authorities and the ELY Centre, we develop an operating model promoting labour immigration and improving the training opportunities and employment of foreign students. The UAS will initiate preparatory education for immigrants.
  • At VAMK, each student receives opportunities for internationalisation through training, student exchange and study modules organised with international cooperation partners.
  • RDI projects with strategic international partners are carried out in an increasingly ambitious way.
  • We recruit more employees of foreign origin.

Follow-ip indicators:

  • Credits completed in an international exchange (out & in)
  • IOL studies
  • Number of international degree students
  • Preparatory training for immigrants


  • Additive manufacturing (3D printing)
  • Well-being and health technology
  • Patient safety
  • International trade logistics
  • Sustainable product and service solutions
  • Carbon neutrality and circular economy in environmental
  • Creating research and innovation environments for
    industry and health and social services to be used
    for the joint development and fast prototyping between
    higher education institutions and working life
    using VR and AR technologies.
  • New Space Economy: smart product and service
    solutions for business and the fields of energy, IT,
    design and logistics


AREAS FOR DEVELOPMENT 4 | Student success


Smooth studies point the way to success

Our aim is that VAMK students are happy with the quality of teaching and complete their studies in the agreed schedule while keeping healthy. Higher education cooperation is deepened, in particular with the University of Vaasa and Novia. 

  • Through cooperation in higher education, our study supply gets widened and research can also be carried out in shared facilities.
  • We strengthen our research, development and innovation activities, learning environments and digitality with the University of Vaasa.
  • We work towards flexible studies and continuous learning.

Follow-up indicators:

  • Career follow-up survey, financing model questions
  • Cooperation studies of universities
  • Employment a year after graduation 




AREAS FOR DEVELOPMENT 5 | Improving staff well-being at work

An inspiring work community is a good place to be

Vaasa University of Applied Sciences strives to improve employee wellbeing. Healthy, inspired and motivated staff can reach better results.

  • Sense of community and staff participation is increased. Leadership and work community skills are developed to strengthen staff motivation, skill and working capacity.
  • We perform ambitious cooperation with occupational health and pension companies.
  • Staff is offered the opportunity to update their skills through the partner network. 

Follow-up indicators:

  • Work community survey (Työyhteisövire)


Strategy 2030 -brochure

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