The emphasis on VAMK's marketing is in attracting more tuition-fee paying students from target countries. Supporting Talent Boost is a very important part of the recruitment strategy - VAMK's aim is to recruit prospective students willing to study, live and stay as future workforce in Finland. Our Talent Coach service is a vital part of this strategy.

Talent Coach at Vaasa University of Applied Sciences offers international students career advice and assistance in matters related to employment. Francis Oyeyiola, who recently started as a VAMK’s new Talent Coach, ​​welcomes all the VAMK’s students to meet and chat with him.


– It has always been my dream to help people, especially the international people in Vaasa because I have seen the struggle that a lot of foreigners go through. 


From IT professional to Talent Coach 

In 2004 Francis Oyeyola moved to Finland from Ghana and started studying Information Technology in VAMK. After completing his studies in VAMK Francis educated himself more and accomplished his Master’s Degree in University of Vaasa. After that he decided to do something completely different.


– I went to TAMK (Tampere University of Applied Sciences) to do my Professional Teacher Degree. I started studying more trying to move away from IT industry and doing something different.


Before coming to VAMK Francis was working for Yrkesakademin as a Job Coach. When the Talent Coach’s position at VAMK opened up, Francis thought that it was something he had always dreamed of. 


Using his own experience as a lesson 

Talent Coach Francis helps VAMK’s students to transition from student life to working life. Students can get guidance, for instance, in writing a good CV and a cover letter. Francis’ services also include preparing the students for the job interview. Along with guidance in working life related matters Francis looks after the students’ mental well-being.


– If the students have issues with their mental well-being it affects their concentration any class as well.


As an alumni of VAMK Francis has faced the same challenges as VAMK’s current students.


–  Coming back to VAMK and sharing my story with the students shows them that everything is possible. Seeing the students’ progress makes my work.  


Posted on 04/26/2022.