The international audit team interviewed over hundred students, representatives of stakeholders and working life as well as VAMK’s staff over a video link. A lot has been learnt during the long process.

VAMK, University of Applied Sciences’ audit, i.e. the assessment of the quality system, is progressing as planned. The audit interviews were finalised last week with over 102 persons participating.  Forty of then were students of various degree programmes, including the international and continuous learning group. There were 14 interviews altogether and in addition to these, students’ opinions were heard in workshops. 


– Many thanks to all those who participated. A lot has been learnt during the audit process, the work has been interactive. We have done this enhancement work together, says Tarja Kettunen, VAMK’s Quality Manager. 


The audit is implemented by FINEEC, the Finnish Education Evaluation Centre. VAMK is assessed by an international team, who, due to the pandemic, carried out the interviews over a video link. 


The Chairperson of the team is professor emerita Eva Werner, who has i.a. acted as a President of Krems University of Applied Sciences in Austria. The other three members of the team were from the Netherlands and Finland, and two persons from FINEEC were in charge of organizing the interviews. According to Kettunen, a real willingness to improve was apparent in the group interviews. 

– The video links worked very well, and there was a lot of open discussion going on in the interviews. 


Broad views 

The purpose of the audit is to as assessment from neutral experts about the strengths and good practices at VAMK but also development areas. The results are expected in June; based on the results, VAMK can plan its activities to be even better. 

Co-operation with working life is one of the strategic focuses of VAMK and a development area, as well. It is one area in the audit that is being reviewed, along with education and societal impact. 


– In addition to members of the Board, representatives of stakeholders and working life have also been involved in the audit.  They have given us valuable views about societal impact of our education. 


”Best project so far” 

The interviews, which were commenced with the Management Team, were also participated by representatives from support services, quality management and research, development and innovation staff, as well as student representatives in various work groups. There were also groups for staff development and well-being and for continuous learning. 


Kati Komulainen, VAMK’s President and CEO, wishes to thank all representatives of stakeholders in the region.  

– Throughout the entire audit process, there was a feeling that Ostrobothnia and Vaasa are there to support us. The work to ensure the vitality of the region and the availability of competent workforce is our joint objective. Overall, I can say that this has been the best project in my life so far!  


Posted on 03/31/2021.