Welcome to develop Vaasa into the city of the future. The YoungTalk discussion and brainstorming event brings together young people and experts to envision what kind of city they want to live in in 2030.

The goal is to make Vaasa a globally interesting place for young people by 2030

The event is organized in cooperation with various actors in the region. At the same time, the event is part of Vaasa University of Applied Sciences' actively developing, inclusiveness and co-development RDI activities #simplysmart #smartcity.

YoungTalk21/Wasa Future Festival

Date 11.8. klo 17-20.00
Place: Wasa Innovation Center

Aim: Vaasa2030 – Globally interesting place for  young smart people

YoungTalk21 Programme and Registration:

17.00 Welcome Speech

Frans Villanen, YoungTalk21 host of the evening

17.05 -17.30 We create Future Vaasa!

  • Alina Östergård, chairperson, Vaasa Youth Council
  • Högskolorna i Vasa/ Representative
  • Lukumanu Idrisu, Trainee at Wärtsilä
  • Surprise Guests

17.30 Reclaim the city hackathon

  1. Challenge: Bibliodiscotheque
  2. Challenge: Hjälp dalen på traven
  3. Challenge: Vaasa with global eyes

You are free to join in any of the challenges.

18.45-19.00 Creative Pause

19.00 Good Life for Young People

Mari K. Niemi ja Roosa Veijola, E2 Research

19.20 Main findings of hackathons

19.45 Future Vaasa- What happens next?

Mika Hakosalo, City of Vaasa

20.00 Closing Words

Frans Villanen



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Participants in the planning of the event: Vaasan yliopisto, Rannikko-Pohjanmaan yrittäjät ry, Ålandsbanken,Vaasan yrittäjät ry, Pohjanmaan ELY-keskus, Teknologiakeskus Merinova,Tommi Mäki/Nordic Live Productions, EnergyVaasa, Suomenkielisen Kouluviestikarnevaalin Tukisäätiö, Vaasan Sähkö, Nuori Yrittäjyys ry, Vaasan Setlementti


(due to catering), DL 9.8.2021

More Information:

Marja-Riitta Vest, VAMK, Vaasan ammattikorkeakoulu / Vaasa university of Applied Sciences, marja-riitta.vest@vamk.fi, tel. 050 5773121

The themes of the Wasa Future Festival in 2021 are absolutely significant for the area!

More information about the whole event

YoungTalk21 ohjelma-program-programme.pdf


The history of the Wasa Future Festival dates back to 2013, when a new event called New Nordic Center started at RITZ. In 2018, Bock's Corner Village allowed for larger events, and the company registered the name Wasa Future Festival. At the same time, the event was extended to last for several days. In 2018, the tradition of organizing a youth event at the beginning of the Wasa Future Festival was launched. In 2019, the event was held under the name Passion for Nordic and in 2019 it was further developed and YoungTalk was born.

We will continue the tradition and YoungTalk21 will launch a continuation with the goal of developing Vaasa by 2030, which is of great interest to the global-minded, smart youth. This work is actually done together with young people.




Posted on 06/30/2021.