Master of Business Administration, DP in International Business Management, Path Studies, Blended teaching


Enrolment for Path studies

  • With this product card, you enroll for Project Management Master’s path studies and get the right to study for the autumn semester.
  • In order to apply in the separate application period, you must complete 15 credits.
  • If you can’t complete enough credits in the autumn semester, you can enroll and pay for the spring semester later on.
  • Contact for more info.
  • Additionally subsequent bachelor’s degree and at least 2 -years subsequent work experience in a related field after completing the  bachelor degree is required. (Polytechnic Act 20§)

Read more about the admission criteria and separate application

Target group

To you who:

  • are pursuing a Master’s degree
  • want to deepen your skills for higher-level work tasks
  • want to study in the same group throughout the year
  • are pursuing to apply through Open UAS
  • want to continue your degree studies from the second annual course in a year’s time

Content of the degree programme

As a path student, you will study the Project Management degree programme for one academic year, which means that you study the first year of your degree programme according to the curriculum. As a path student, you can study at the same pace as the other degree students in the group. Path studies enable graduation just as quickly as by starting directly in degree studies.

The content of the path studies is in accordance with the curriculum of Vaasa University of Applied Sciences. The studies you completed will later be counted as part of the degree.

The degree programme of International Business Management prepares the international business community and the public sector for demanding expert and managerial positions. In your studies, you focus on the development of your company, which you can reflect on both in writing and in discussions with your fellow students. You will be able to combine new theories in the field to your own experience and develop as an expert. The degree also gives a new drive to your work and opportunities for career advancement.

Read more about the International Business Management degree programme

International Business Management Curricula

Method of Implementation

Method of Implementation is blended teaching. In blended teaching, there is some contact teaching on campus, but the main focus of the studies is on independent study and online studies. Meetings that require attendance are organized on weekday evenings and weekends depending on the degree, please always check the exact dates and times on the individual pages of each implementation.

Tuition fees and cancellation policy

The cost is €300/year.  If for any reason you are unable to attend, please let us know as soon as possible. It is absolutely essential to cancel in advance so that a place can be allocated to a possible reserve. You can cancel your registration free of charge before the start of the course by sending an email to Cancellations notified at a later date will be charged at half the annual fee. Payment of the tuition fee is a prerequisite for participation in the course and for retaining the right to study.

Master of Business Administration, DP in International Business Management, Path Studies, Blended teaching


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