Our openness builds partnership

At VAMK, we are committed to following the principles of open science and research and to strengthen our expertise in open practices. We want to engage in open societal debate and promote social impact and interaction.

The open culture of Vaasa University of Applied Sciences is built on a shared understanding and motivation to act openly and to follow open practices. The aim is to make the materials and results produced in RDI projects and the methods used available and usable to anyone who wants to use them.

An open culture applies to every member of our staff, regardless of their position. We are committed to the principles of open science and research, good scientific practice and research ethics.

VAMK is committed to the principles of open science and research and to strengthen the competence of open practices. Openness is one of our values. In our strategy, we are committed to openness and to promoting an open culture. It is our commitment to open societal debate and to promote social impact and interaction.

Open publications

Vaasa University of Applied Sciences encourages open publishing and co-archiving is a part of the university’s processes. Open Access means that publications are permanently and freely available online. We use the Justus Publication Data Repository to report publication data. We monitor open access publishing through the JUULI publication information portal. The main publication channels used are open access. Publications by staff are co-archived in the Theseus publication archive. Parallel storage applies to publications of type A – D within the limits of the publisher’s authorisations. Parts of the VAMK publication series are saved in the Theseus publication archive. VAMK’s online journal Energiaa operates on the Open Access principle.

Open research environments

Our open research environments include Technobothnia’s laboratories, Muova’s Creativelab and CoProtolab, and Alere’s learning environments. Our research environments are available to partners through our teaching, RDI, innovation and service activities. We are developing the openness of our research environments by clarifying our service principles. In this way, we aim to promote the use of research environments by businesses and public organisations, as well as collaboration in research environments. At the same time as we are clarifying our service principles, we are opening up our infrastructure.

Culture of open learning

Openness to learning is our starting point, our value and our way of working. We encourage our staff to openly share learning materials. Openness to learning is linked to accessibility and openness of learning provision. We aim to expand our digital learning offer in a wide range of languages. We want to use open learning to extend our social impact and interaction with the society around us.

Open data at VAMK

Vaasa University of Applied Sciences has approved an open data policy for 2021 and an agenda for action is currently being developed.

Contact information

Vaasa University of Applied Sciences has an ATT working group with representatives from RDI services, publishing services, Tritonia representative, quality manager, IT manager and education representative. The working group is chaired by the Head of RDI. The working group has a common e-mail address for ATT actors: att@vamk.fi