Students' Corona Instructions

Corona policy

The general mask recommendation is being lifted on April 22. Please familirize yourself with the regional recommendations and instructions concerning corona virus.

Students no longer have to notify if they receive a positive corona test result, as tracking is no longer actively performed.


  • Teaching and exams are carried out as usual. Please follow the instructions of your teacher concerning exams.
  • Company visits can be held following company’s own policy.

Services on campus

The campus, Tritonia library and students welfare services are open normally.
Please follow the service offering and opening hours of the restaurant services on Juvene’s website.

A prerequisite for safe operations on campus is responsible cooperation

  • Please note that you should be healthy when entering campus. Att! You don’t need to inform anymore concerning your corona virus infection.
  • The face mask recommendation on VAMK’s campus will be removed in accordance with the
  • Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) recommendation. Everyone can still use the mask at their own discretion, for example in situations where it is difficult to avoid close contact.
  • We recommend that everyone take coronary vaccines as directed by the authorities. These are presumably required of students in social and health care in connection with internships.

Follow the information

The preparedness group does not operate anymore. However, the situation is monitored constantly and we will notify you again if notable changes occur.

Additional information:

In matters related to teaching and courses, always contact your teacher directly.

For other matters related to the corona, contact:

Covid guidelines – for those arriving in Finland