Studying and working at the same time

Working alongside studies can be tough, both mentally and financially. Although students are entitled to a study grant and loan granted by Kela, sometimes the grants are not enough to cover all expenses.

The most common employment contracts offered to students are part-time or zero employment contracts, in which case the employee is a so-called “call in for work when necessary”

However, it is worth thinking about and planning your work in addition to your studies. While at first it doesn’t seem tough, the situation can suddenly turn upside down and stress management becomes more difficult. Free time should not be forgotten and it is important to remember importance of rest so that reading exams and the weight of school assignments at home do not seem insurmountable.


Extra money

Many students choose to work part-time in addition to their studies. 10–15h a week already brings a nice addition to income. However, it requires careful planning from the student if we are to keep study support, which is monitored through income limits. For example, work can be done for 4 hours per 3–4 days a week.


An internship can help you get a job. Indeed, many employers are happy to hire a trainee to a permanent employment relationship in addition to and after graduation. So you should also think carefully about where you want to do your internship.

Where to find job in Vaasa?

Today, the easiest way to find vacancies directly on the Internet. However, making contacts during your studies is important and can be useful both during and after your studies.

VAMK collects the available thesis and internship places in one place, Recruitmentbank

Other potential jobs in Vaasa should be followed directly from the companies’ own pages, for example:

How my income will affect to my grants?

More information about Kela’s student grants and the affect of your income can be found from:

Kela´s own page