Practical training

The aim of practical training is to familiarise the student with future working situation, tasks at work, and operations at organisations besides the meaning of entrepreneurship. Content and extent of practical training varies according to each degree programme. The extent is at least 30 credits. However, the extent in social services and health is 45, 75 or 85 credits. It is also possible to take the practical training abroad. Finns pursuing degree programmes in foreign language must undertake a part of their studies or the practical training abroad.

During the practical training period the students familiarise with the working procedures and tasks in their own field of specialisation.

The training period increases the students’ professional skills and motivation. During the training period the students become acquainted with the activities, culture, work and social life of the organisation.

The training period will emphasise internationalisation, entrepreneurship and professionalism.

Services in practical training

The student is primarily liable in finding the training place. However, in the field of social services and health the university of applied sciences is primarily liable for arranging the placement for practical training.

Practical training / placement / internship, including internship plan and practical training report, is accepted by the teacher responsible for practical training. They also enter the performance into the study register.

Note the following when accepting a working position or placement:

Job offers forwarded by VAMK staff members are sent to the student email accounts. We want to emphasize that the student is responsible for the terms of the working contract made with the employer.

VAMK is not responsible for the content of the work nor any other conditions of work or the legality of operations.
If any illegalities appear at the work organization authorites should be contacted.

Business Economics Practical Training

Business Economics Practical Training

The extent of practical training is 30 credits and altogether 20 weeks.

More detailed information concerning practical training is given in the instructions for practical training.

Teachers Responsible for Practical Training

  • Erik Wahlman, International Business
Technology's Practical Training

Technology’s Practical Training

The practical training in Degree Programmes of Technology comprises 30 credit points. 30 cp corresponds to 20 weeks of training. The work experience is acquired during the studies or during the period especially reserved for training in the degree programme.

Approval of Work Placement in Engineering Programs

  • Smail Menani, Information Technology
Welfare and Health Practical Training

Welfare and Health Practical Training

Training aims to a broad understanding of the field and its meaning. Student is to get acquainted with practicing professional tasks in different working environments, increasing both theoretical and practical knowledge as well as professional ethics.

Practical training also gives valuable knowledge about organization culture, social relations and working as a group member.

Each training period has curricular objectives, and each student sets their own goals, with the teacher assessing the practical training.