Blog Instructions

  • Recommended length 400–1600 words.
  • The blog can be written in Finnish, Swedish or English.
  • Mark the headings, subheadings and bolded introduction (headnote) clearly.
  • The writer is responsible for the finishing and the (grammatical) correctness of the text.
  • At least on of the writers has to be an employee at VAMK.
  • If you use resources, please comply with the in-text citation practice for VAMK publication series. Vamkin julkaisusarjan ohjeistuksen mukaista nimiviittauskäytäntöä. 
  • The writer is responsible for making sure that the article has not been published before.
  • For accessibility, images must have an alternative text, so called alt text. The alternative text is read with a screen reader, so it must not be the same as the caption.
  • Attach tables and figures in a Word file and keep them simple. Tables and figures will be modified in the layout phase so that they are suitable for the publication format and platform.
  • One or more photos from the writer or from the photo bank of the layout editor can be attached to the article. Send original photos in the .jpg or .png format. The minimum resolution is 2000 px.
  • Please, submit the licence of the photo you use or permission of use.


Publication process

Send your article to

The publication team will give feedback on the submitted suggested articles, which are reviewed using the open review process. Texts are published in the continuous publication principle.

Fill in the publication agreement: and register the publication in Justus.

When the text has been published, you can share it in your social media channels. Use hashtags #Vamk #Energiaa.

Further information:

Let’s write!