Our openness builds partnership

Openness in VAMK

We at VAMK are committed to complying with the policies of open science and research and to strengthen our expertise in open modes of operation. We want to engage in open societal discourse and to promote societal impact and interaction.

Open Organisational Culture

Open organisational culture at VAMK is built on common understanding and motivation to act openly and comply with open operating models. The aim is to bring the material and results as well as methods used in RDI projects available for all interested to be utilised.

Open organisational culture applies to every member of our staff, irrespective their job description. We have committed to comply with the principles of open science and research, good scientific practice and research ethics.

VAMK is committed to comply with the principles of Open Science and Research and to strengthen the competence in open operating models. Openness is one of our values. In our strategy, we have committed to openness and the promotion of open organisational culture.  Thus, we wish to engage in open societal discussion and promote our societal impact and engagement.

Organisational Culture in Open Science at VAMK 2020 - 2025

Publications at Theseus open repository



Open Access

At VAMK, Open Access is encouraged and Green Open Access is part of our processes. Open Access refers to making publications open and available permanently online. Open Access will monitored with the JUULI tool. In future, we will also introduce the JUSTUS publication information reporting service. Open publishing platforms mainly will be used for publishing. Publications by the staff will be saved onto the Theseus open repository on the Green Access principle. Green Open Access applies to Types A to D publications (classification by the Ministry of Education and Culture), within the permits of the publisher. VAMK's publication series are saved onto the Theseus open repository. VAMK's Energy online magazine complies with Open Access principles

Open Research Environments

Our open research environments include the Technobothnian laboratories, Muova's Creativelab ja CoProtolab and learning environments in Alere. Our research environments are open to our cooperation partners through teaching and RDI activities and through innovation activities and services. We are developing the openness of our research environments by improving the principles of service. Thus, we aim to promote the use of our research environments by enterprises and public organisation, as well cooperation in these environments. As we improve our principles of service, we also open up our infrastructure.

Open Learning

Open Learning is one of the four areas in Open Science, the other three being Openness of Organisational Culture, and Open Publication and Openness of Research Data. Our aim is to increase the provision of e learning in various languages. We wish to expand our societal impact and engagement through open learning.

Open Data at VAMK

The Open Data Policy will be finalised at VAMK in 2021.

Contact persons

VAMK has an OSR team the members of which are representatives from RDI, publication services, Quality Manager, IT Manager and representative of degree programmes. The President/CEO is the Chair Person. The team has a joint email account: att@vamk.fi.