Accessibility refers to the realization of the physical, mental and social environment so that everyone, regardless of their characteristics, can function on an equal footing with others.

Accessibility affects all students and all staff. It is particularly important for those members of the university community who have a disability who are aging or belong to cultural or linguistic minorities. Accessibility work is based on the Equality Act.

Accessibility work has a multifaceted effect on removing barriers to learning. In addition to the usability of the premises, attention is paid to the so-called removing invisible barriers. These include e.g. various specific issues related to learning problems and mental health barriers. Accessible learning is supported by students' personal guidance.

Accessibility of VAMK's premises

All Vaasa University of Applied Sciences properties have unobstructed access. The properties are well connected to the rest of the city and parking for the disabled is also in order.

  • All parking spaces on the properties have marked disabled spaces. (see map)
  • Unobstructed access to the university premises through the main door (see map).
  • VAMK has a wheelchair that can be borrowed for visitors, which can be inquired from the janitors if necessary.
  • VAMK has several disabled toilets.
  • There are several lifts to facilitate mobility

Reading and learning difficulties