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Tutors and tutoring

One of VAMK's greatest strengths lies in the strong sense of community and our tutors play a big part in this. Tutors will guide you through the first academic year. At the beginning of your studies they will help you to step into the daily life of a student as well as to get to know your future studying buddies. Dont's worry if the start feel a bit overwhelming - you can always turn to a tutor!

Tutor, your first link to student life

Here in VAMK, the student union VAMOK is in charge of the training of the tutors. Tutor is that person, who guides you and is your mental support troughout the start of your studies. There's tutors for all different students, Finnish students, degree students and exchange students. Tutors for exchange students are slightly different than the peer tutors. They guide exchange students to get to know their living area, city and Finnish culture.

Below you can find the responsible tutors of the 2020. Responsible tutors are the ones that are in charge of the tutor group your class is assigned. You may contact them even before your studies begin if you have got any questions about anything.

How to become a tutor?

The student union VAMOK is in charge of the application period which starts in January. The board of VAMOK, together with tutor coordinator and the international affairs coordinator,  will choose the tutors from many applicants. Every year there are more and more applicants so you should prepare well. There are many training days during the spring and one overnight tutor camp. The tutoring itself starts from the autumn once new students arrive and lasts for the whole academic year. Tutors of VAMK will recieve 2 credits from the tutoring to their freely chosen studies.

You'll recieve more information about tutoring from the tutor coordinator tutor@vamok.fi and the international affairs coordinator international@vamok.fi

Student union VAMOK

"Tutor community is tight but easily approachable group of friends. It includes students from all studyfields and they organize things together and separately."

Information of the Responsible Tutors

thumbnail_tonyleskinen.jpeg 040 573 0834 | IG: tonyleskinen | Snapchat: tonyleskinen
thumbnail_simon_smeds.jpeg 045 125 0833 | simon.cm.smeds@gmail.com
thumbnail_risto_kananen.jpeg 050 560 7657 | IG: ripexi1 | Snapchat: mrjefu
thumbnail_riku_akseli2.jpg 0400 234544 | IG: Rikkeez | Snapchat: rikkeesh | riku.akseli@kyll.fi
thumbnail_oskari_finne2.jpg 0509131555 | IG: oskarifinne | Snapchat:oskarifinne
thumbnail_olli_syrjala2.jpg 044 510 0195 | Snäp: olli_syrjala | email: ohsyrj@gmail.com
thumbnail_minea_jama2.jpg 044 065 5446 | e1801466@edu.vamk.fi
thumbnail_matias_luukkanen.jpeg 050 536 1002 | IG:@luukkanematias
thumbnail_katri_lakso.jpeg 050 309 2025 | IG: katriida
thumbnail_jenna_laitila2.jpg 0400 961 484 | IG: jennalaitila | Snapchat: jennalaitila
thumbnail_jemina_luoma.jpeg IG: @jeminaluoma | snapchat: jeminaas | email: jemina.luoma@gmail.com
thumbnail_jasmin_rouhiainen.jpeg IG: aladdininvaimo | Snapchat: aaaassmin
thumbnail_camille_walker.jpg IG: @instaacam23 | Snapchat: camillew23 | WhatsApp: +1(803)422-5084
thumbnail_arttu_kauppi.jpeg +358 405558517 | IG: Arttu_Kauppi | Snapchat: Anomuumi