What is FSHS?

Starting 1 January 2021, the Finnish Student Health Service (FSHS) will provide student healthcare services for all higher education students. A healthcare fee for higher education students is paid to Kela.

Students who are entitled to use the services of FSHS are students who have registered as attending and who are completing:

  • a bachelor's or master's level degree earned in a university of applied sciences
  • a bachelor's or master's level university degree.

Exchange students, students in open university and students in tailor-made, customer-specific training programmes are not entitled to use the services of FSHS.

Information on student healthcare services is available on the website of the

Finnish Student Health Service (YTHS)


Healthcare fee for students in higher education starting 1 January 2021

Starting in 2021, students who are entitled to use the services of FSHS will pay a healthcare fee to Kela. No bill will be sent on the healthcare fee, and thus the student has to pay the fee on his or her own initiative.

Kela will begin to collect the healthcare fee in the spring term of 2021. The healthcare fee can be paid via Kela's e-service starting in December 2020. University students pay the healthcare fee for the autumn term 2020 to their student union.

Up-to-date information on the healthcare fee for higher education students and payment of the fee is available on Kela's website.

Kela's website

FSHS Services

  • Basic health care services: health examination, health surveys to new students, oral health examinations, laboratory and imaging examinations
  • Birth control and sexual health
  • A prevention of infectious diseases
  • Vaccinations, travel health
  • Certificates and statements
  • Groups and virtual courses
  • Study community work
  • Study environment inspections
  • Digital and remote services, for example Self online service


Who is entitled to use FSHS services in 2021?

All degree students in higher education who have registered as attending students for a particular term

  • students at universities of applied sciences (Bachelor's/Master's degree), including international students
  • university students
  • Police University College students (Bachelor's degree)
  • civilian students at the National Defence University

And who is not?

  • Foreign exchange students
  • commissioned education students, and students on further and continuing education courses
  • Open university students

Health care fee

  • All students who are registered as attending are required to pay a fee to Kela for each academic term (twice a year)
    • Not registered → you don't have to pay, but you can't use the services either
  • The fee covers the full range of student health services and separate user charges will not be collected
    • Unless you do not cancel your appointment in time
  • A student has to take care of the payment and if not, Kela has a right to collect it
  • The amount of the health care fee is confirmed yearly, but it will most likely be around 77 euros per academic year and 30-40 euros/term