The past year has been exceptional. At Vaasa University of Applied Sciences, we have occasionally studied remotely, occasionally in contact teaching and in the meantime with a multi-form hybrid. You are now starting your studies with us. Come with peace and joy.

Congratulations on your place of study at VAMK. We are very glad that you have chosen our college as your place of study. We will do our best to make you worthy of your choice.

We at Vaasa University of Applied Sciences have been making plans for months to implement autumn teaching. Safely, sympathetically and offering contact teaching. So, you can look for an apartment and buy a bicycle. Why a bicycle? You don't need anything else - everything is near in Vaasa.

However, together we need to be aware that the pandemic is not over and we may have to make changes to our plans. However, all indications are that we will be able to return to campus normally at the end of August. The student body is our most important partner - together with them we build the way to the future.

Vaasa is a vibrant student city. You have over 13,000 friends in the city, students from six different higher education institutions. You will not be left alone. When you come to Vaasa to study, you come to the heart of Finland's export industry. For example, we have more than 160 energy export companies, we are starting to build a new battery plant and we are constantly cooperating with companies in the region. For social and health care students, the city is a great learning environment - for example, Old Vaasa Hospital is a unique learning environment.

Vaasa University of Applied Sciences is international. 14% of our students are international degree students. The campus has a wonderful flow of different languages and you learn about other cultures without even realizing it. We have modern learning environments where you can practice a variety of skills.

Thank you for choosing us. Now it is our turn to be worthy of trust. Life goes on towards the new. We are waiting for you.


Your Rector
Kati Komulainen


P.S. You'll find me by my name on different social media channels - I'll be happy to have a conversation with you even before we meet.

Posted on 04/28/2020.