”Vaasa has produced the best model for cooperation in the world. Even companies competing with each other can develop Finland. When we consider Finland's interests first, Vaasa is a good example.”

– Jaakko Eskola, Group CEO, Wärtsilä
(Tekniikka&Talous magazine 8/2018)

Finland's most energetic region

The Vaasa region boasts the largest energy technology hub in the Nordic countries, EnergyVaasa, which has the expertise and strong resources to meet global energy challenges in particular. Vaasa's energy cluster is constantly growing.

The latest investment decision came from Wärtsilä, which will make Vaasa the centre of development of all Wärtsilä's global operations.

The 140 companies in the largest Nordic cluster of energy technology companies export products and solutions across the world. In return, they repatriate a significant part of the world's energy investments to Finland. EnergyVaasa is responsible for one third of all energy technology exports in Finland and employs a quarter of the total workforce in the sector.

Products and services from Vaasa are used all over the world. Specific strengths include energy efficiency and renewable energies as well as decentralised energy production, distribution and use. The energy technology companies in the region have one of the largest investments in R&D in Finland. Further information.

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Vaasa -Pohjoismaiden energiapääkaupunki

International and diverse Vaasa offers you the pulse of a city and the spirit of getting things done in a beautiful and historic atmosphere.

Vaasan seutu sivuille

Business, sports and culture in Vaasa

Vaasa is a centre of culture and commerce of 68,000 inhabitants on the west coast. With 13,000 students from six university units, Vaasa is one of Finland's most important university towns.

The employment rate in Vaasa is constantly among the highest in Finland, we live the longest in the whole country, we have a high income level, we are highly educated and our region is one of the most international in Finland.

The Kvarken Archipelago is Finland's only UNESCO natural heritage site. The unique nature gives us the power to develop, among other things, better solutions for energy production and saving.