Are you looking for a skilled engineer or perhaps a project manager for your project? Or maybe an internationally oriented export assistant? Or are you targeting a healthcare professional who masters the latest treatment recommendations? Our project management expertise is at the forefront in Finland, maybe personnel training is the right option?

Our location in the midst of global companies, in the enterprising Ostrobothnia, guarantees us a pole position to the challenges of the changing world.

We listen with a sensitive ear to the business sector and its needs in terms of training both professionals and staff. We are an agile sized university of applied sciences and famous for our good team spirit. Students' extensive networks are a strength also in working life.

Real working-life projects

We have a long tradition of research and development, expert services and project partnerships. At the heart of our competence are multidisciplinary expertise and a good knowledge of the local business sector. We work on projects from working life in the social services and health care sector, commerce and technology.

  • Practical training is part of the bachelor's degree and a great way to induct and engage the best talents already during their studies. Practical training benefits everyone: students learn the tasks of their professional field, VAMK receives up-to-date information on the needs of working life, and employers benefit from enthusiastic employees with the latest knowledge of the field.
  • Our theses are research and development assignments, which are mainly based on assignment from the business sector (projecting). The thesis often also acts as a bridge to working life as the student acquires deeper knowledge of a topic that is valuable to the company. At the same time, the company and its operating methods become familiar.

The versatile working life of Vaasa and its traineeships are the ultimate test for the student. If you can cope here, you can cope anywhere.

VAMK graduates have a good employment rate

"Vaasa Central Hospital's mission is to provide to our clients the best care and service in Finland. VAMK's student's and graduating professionals are an important element for us in reaching this goal."

Marina Kinnunen, Director of the Vaasa Hospital District


"The demand for engineers at the Vaasa region is constantly higher than the rate of engineering graduates from VAMK."

Ostrobothnia Chamber of Commerce