Together we are stronger

Every fifth passer-by is a student in higher education

When students are asked what VAMK is like, many mention a sense of community. Our campus is compact, and in town, almost everything is within walking distance. No wonder it is easy to become close to your fellow students here!

In Vaasa, every fifth person walking on the street is a university student, and Vaasa is Finland's largest school and student town in relation to population. In addition to a wide range of services related to student activities and leisure, the 13,000 students from six different higher education units provide new friendships and experiences. Because of the large number of students, there is no shortage of student events and nightlife. The wide range of hobbies offers something for both sports fans and enthusiastic athletes, as well as for consumers of culture. Students often receive a student discount on admission tickets and various memberships.

Already on the first day of study, tutors of the student body start caring for new students and are involved in the student's life from then on. You can rely on the tutor to guide you to a missing classroom or, say, the best café in town. You can ask the tutor about inexpensive hobbies or good gigs. There is always someone near you or reachable by phone if you need to ask something.

There is plenty of student spirit on VAMK's Palosaari campus. There are several higher education institutions in the compact area, the Technobothnia teaching laboratory, the Alere learning environment in social services and health care, and the Triton science library, which is common to all higher education students. The sea is adjacent, and everything is close by in a town of the right size


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