VAMK premises will be closed from 18 March to 13 May. Where applicable, VAMK's lectures will be held remotely from now on. Each teacher informs his or her own group of policies.

Situation update: 05.05.2020 14:52
The policies and decisions made nationwide yesterday, May 4, 2020, will have a significant impact on VAMK's operations. More information will be provided at the end of the week, on Friday afternoon, after the crisis group meeting. 


The Finnish government has resolved on March 16 enact the Emergency Act. In practice, this means that all Finnish polytechnics will be closed from 18 March to 13 May. These measures are designed to protect the population and to safeguard the functioning of society and the economy:

"Instead of normal teaching, the teaching and guidance of all universities, polytechnics and VET providers shall be organized as widely as possible through alternative means, including distance learning, various digital learning environments and solutions, and where appropriate independent study."

When using a VPN connection, avoid unnecessary use of social media (eg YouTube, Facebook). The VPN connection is for VAMK intranet services only.

Please consult your own lecturer regarding your courses.
Administration and other staff: Majority of the staff works remotely. Instructions have been sent by email (see section 4. Remote Work).
The situation with Corona/ COVID-19 virus is constantly changing. VAMK is actively monitoring the situation and primarily follows the instructions given by the Finnish health authorities. VAMK is taking precautions in preventing the spread of the virus and thus the following instructions for staff and students.
We underline that it is everyone's responsibility to help contain the spreading of the virus as much as possible. It is prohibited to enter the VAMK's premises while having any symptoms of flu.

1. Traveling

  • All work related travelling to outside Finland must be cancelled.
  • After all work or spare time related travels outside Finland employees are asked to inform and their supervisor and in case of students to the lecturers of their study periods. All work and studying continues remotely for 14 days, including family members.
  • Finnish citizens or people living in Finland should not travel abroad. Everyone travelling at the moment are advised to return to Finland immediately. Persons returning from abroad are placed under conditions equivalent to a two-week quarantine period.
  • If the employee is set to quarantine by local authorities outside Finland during spare time travel the employer is not obligated to pay salary during the quarantine according to current information. This means for example that if the employee is not able to do remote work during the quarantine period, he/she must use annual, flexitime, or unpaid holidays for the quarantine period.
  • Concerning travels in Finland we advise to participate meetings/ training remotely.

2. Public Transport

  • In case of unavoidable work travel in Finland, please use your own or company's vehicle. Public transportation should be used only as the last option.
  • Avoid public transport and all unnecessary travelling.

3. Visitors

  • All planned visits from abroad must be cancelled.

4. Remote work & studying

  • The employer assigns employees whose jobs allow them to remote work 18.3. onwards.
  • Administrative and support staff have received detailed telecommuting instructions via email 17.3. Instructions can also be found on VAMK's intranet.
  • If an employee has flu symptoms they are advised to work remotely if there is no need for sick leave. Remote work needs to be applied for and admitted by the supervisor following the normal process.
  • If the employee is set to quarantine by local authorities outside Finland during spare time travel the employer is not responsible. This means for example that if the employee is not able to do remote work during the quarantine period, he/she must use annual, flexitime, or unpaid holidays for the quarantine period.
  • These instructions concerning remote work are exceptionally also applied to fixed-term employees.
  • Information about the technical details of remote work has been sent by email.

5. Events

  • The Government of Finland has advised that all public gatherings of over 500 participants will be cancelled until the end of May.
  • The Finnish Government limits public meetings to 10 and recommends avoiding unnecessary use of public places.
  • The date for the graduation day of the spring is under consideration.
  • The entrance exams will be held as adviced by the authorities, see the FAQ page


6–7. Absences due to illness

  • Notification procedures concerning absences due to illness are changed temporarily so that absences due to illness on one’s own notification are allowed up to five days.
  • You can discuss about your situation 24/7 with a remote doctor at Terveystalo or call Terveystalo's corona virus specialists at 030 63 39669 (daily 08-20), if you think you might have an infection or are worried about your symptoms.

8. Cases of illness

  • Everyone who after traveling outside Finland feels weak and suspects symptoms related to corona virus must contact his/her own municipal health centre by phone.

Do not come to work when sick.

9. Students

  • All instructions mentioned above also apply to students. It is important that each student understands his/her responsibility also concerning spare time travel.
  • The epidemic has also effects concerning study related practical training periods; for example the hospital district has announced that if the situation claims all practical training periods are cancelled.
  • If you have questions, please consult our new FAQ page first.

10. Students studying abroad

  • Exchange students abroad have been contacted and given instructions. The authorities recommend Finnish travelers to return immediately to Finland.
  • The up to 14 days remote work period also applies to students returning from epidemic areas. During this period the student can not enter the campus area.

11. Everyday precautions

  • When coughing  cough into a paper tissue or into your sleeve. Never cough into your palm. Dispose the tissue in mixed waste.
  • Keep your hands clean. Always wash your hands when coming to work, before eating, smoking, using snuff, or when leaving work.
  • The most effective way to wash your hands is to us warm water and liquid soap.
  • Use alcoholic hand sanitizer if it is not possible to wash your hands with warm water and liquid soap.
  • When using alcoholic hand sanitizer take enough liquid for rubbing your hands all over.
  • Avoid shaking hands.

Instructions for washing hands.

FAQ page: Coronavirus and VAMK

We follow the orders and instructions given by the authorities and actively monitor the situation. Our contingency plan is updated when needed and the staff and students are kept informed.

The Finnish institute for health and welfare constantly follows the corona virus situation and updates up-to-date information to their web page:

Although the situation may cause uncertainty and anxiety, calm attitude is advisable. News concerning the virus should only be read and spread from authority confirmed sources. On VAMK’s behalf VAMK’s rector, CEO is responsible for all communication and announcements concerning the virus.

Kind Regards,

Rector Kati Komulainen

Posted on 04/23/2020.