Belinda captures the life of a 1st year student, Sakke is a tutor and 3rd year student

Belinda is a first year student of Business Information Technology and comes from Pori, Finland. Belinda’s mother has studied in Vaasa and gave her strong recommendations. Belinda really appreaciates the outstanding team spirit of VAMK’s students. Belinda has her own channel that she started while in highschool. You can check it out at NuotioBee (in Finnish).

Sakke is a third year student of marketing and originally from Naantali, Finland. As a guy born and raised at the coast Sakke didn’t want to study inland. After a friend gave great reviews about Vaasa, the decision was made. Sakke is a tutor for new students and is nothing short of an embodyment of VAMK’s team spirit – he knows everyone and always radiates good mood. You can follow Sakke at Youtube as VAMKin opiskelijavlogi.

Posted on 03/18/2019.