New easy-to-use Academic Calendar has been introduced at VAMK.

The New Academic Calendar for the autumn semester 2020 can be found at:

Academic Schedules

Changes possible!

Quick guide to using the Lukkarikone:

  1. Log in to the Lukkarikone with your own VAMK ID
  2. Start creating your own schedule in the calendar view
  3. Click Group Search above and enter the group code for your group in the search box
  4. When you click the Search button, you will get the groups you searched for
  5. Click + Add to add the timetable of the group you selected to your calendar
  6. By selecting Realization search, you can also search for individual implementations with either the group ID or with the implementation name / ID and add these to your schedule.
  7. You can delete unnecessary schedules through the Index menu

You can find instructions for the new schedule system (lukkarikone) here.


Student group codes have changed:



Posted on 08/27/2020.