Here are answers to the most common questions about VAMK and coronavirus. We will update the page as needed. VAMK's premises are closed for teaching between March 18th to August 14th.


Required attendance at courses?

Since most of the teaching has been transferred to online, depending on the course, remote lectures will be attended according to the normal rules.


If the teacher is prevented from teaching, eg in case of illness?

The teacher informs about the course arrangements. When the teacher is prevented, eg ill, VAMK tries to inform the situation.


Where can I find out if my lecture is canceled or if the way it is delivered changes (eg from classroom to distance learning)?

The teacher is responsible for the communication related to his / her course.

What happens if the lecture is canceled?

VAMK monitors the situation and seeks to secure the progress of studies. Changes will be announced. In case of cancellation, the aim is to arrange teaching in a substitute way.


Can I take exams that require attendance? What about re-exams?

Starting March 18th exams will be shifted and alternative ways of passing exams will be sought. Contact your teacher.

If the exam has to be canceled, students will be notified. Possible replacement alternatives should be discussed with the course teacher.

After 14.5. according to the government's guidelines, it is possible to organize, for example, simulation courses and other small group lessons, as well as exams (max. 10 people). Teachers will inform about these if necessary.

After 1.6. it is possible to organize events for up to 50 people, such as re-exams. Teachers will inform about this option if necessary.

  • Participation in an exam in VAMK premises is strictly prohibited if you notice any symptoms of a viral infection, such as respiratory symptoms, stomach disease, or muscle aches. Teachers will provide more detailed instructions as needed.



How does this affect my thesis process? 

Temporary changes to the thesis process: The presentations of the thesis will be abandoned. The opponent submits the completed opposition evaluation form to the instructor. The supervisor evaluates the written work. The changes are valid for the same period as remote studying.


  1. At the beginning of the exam, the supervisor will send two questions to the student by email
  2. The student chooses one of them and writes his / her answer to the word document according to the thesis instructions
  3. The time for this is 2 h 15 min (135 min), after which the student immediately sends the work to the supervisor
  4. The supervisor approves the content and submits it to the language examiner
  5. The language of the maturity test is checked and approved by the language examiner who checked the thesis
  6. The supervisor can remotely monitor the maturity test writing, eg via a ZOOM camera connection, as well as the time spent with the Moodle reset link timer (the link closes after the deadline). Supervision can also be done by streaming what you do through YouTube.


How is the spring graduation seremony arranged?

Due to the exceptional circumstances, it is not possible to normally hold a spring graduation seremony at Vaasa University of Applied Sciences. The celebration will be held remotely at the original time on 22nd May.

How are the laboratory classes implemented

VAMK's teaching facilities are closed from contact teaching until August 14th. Lab classes are handled by alternative means. Each teacher informs his or her group about how the lessons will be implemented or whether the lessons will be postponed. The teacher has access to VAMK facilities and can, for example, teach things from the lab via video, replace work with alternative exercises or continue with lectures remotely.

Whenever possible, we strive to ensure that students in the final stages of their studies, such as those graduating this spring, will be able to complete their degree on schedule. Although teaching is organized in alternate ways to contact teaching, the goal is for the studies to proceed according to plan.


Is the FINNIPS exam canceled?

The Finnish Network for International Programmes (FINNIPS) arranged entrance examinations for 10 Finnish Universities of Applied Sciences' English-taught degree programmes in 10 countries around the world between 10 and 15 March. The examinations will be checked in the network's UASs and the results of student selection based on these exams will be announced from 21 April onwards (and by 5 June 2020, at the latest).

Due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and its effects, the entrance examinations had to be cancelled in China, South Korea and Hanoi in Vietnam. The applicants who had chosen China or South Korea as their exam location or pre-registered for the exam in Hanoi, have been contacted by the UASs that invited them to the exams. Further information about possible alternative selection methods offered to applicants in these countries/cities will be provided by the network's UASs on 27 March, at the earliest.

Please note that due to these special circumstances, changes e.g. regarding the schedules may occur. We will keep you updated according to our best ability.


Does Coronavirus affect spring selection tests?

Programmes taught in Finnish (Second Joint Application for Spring): The second joint application for polytechnics will begin on Wednesday, March 18. More than half of the starting places are filled with a certificate selection. If the Bachelor's degree examination scheduled for the beginning of June cannot be arranged due to the corona, the polytechnics will select the students by other means.


My training has begun or is about to begin. Do I normally go to the training place?

Contact your training place. The student may turn to the tutor for questions related to the practice. If your internship is canceled, contact your instructor.

Social and Health Care training:

The Government recommends that training and apprenticeships at the workplace or elsewhere, as well as evidence of vocational training, should be continued if this is possible on the job and if the training environment is safe for the student and the employer. VAMK will follow this recommendation.

If an employer discontinues training due to a coronavirus epidemic, interrupted / canceled training periods will not automatically continue / occur after the end of the epidemic. Continuation of the training will be agreed when the situation clears.

The Vaasa Hospital District has announced on March 15 that all students' internships will be canceled, but still be in contact with your internship location. Student internships in the Vaasa Hospital District are also suspended at the Vaasa Social and Health Care Units.

If my training is canceled due to coronavirus, what happens?

VAMK is exploring alternative options for training. However, the situation is challenging, so wait for more information from the person in charge of the training.

I am an exchange student or plan to study abroad. What do I do?

VAMK is not currently sending new students for exchange. Exchange students abroad have been contacted and given instructions. The authorities recommend Finnish travelers to return immediately to Finland. Students returning from abroad are also subject to a maximum of 14 days of remote studying during which they cannot enter the campus.


Does this affect my student allowance?

The Student allowance regulations allow for the exceptional situation caused by the coronavirus to be taken into account in the maximum time limits for student aid and sufficient progress in studies. If it has not been possible to study, the study allowance can be payed, even if the amount of the study has not been sufficient, and the maximum period of study allowance may be extended.

Are VAMK's doors open?

VAMK premises will be closed from 18 March to 14 August. Staff can access the premises with tags, and at weekends the premises are completely closed.

If you are coming to VAMK's premises due to special arrangements

  • Remember that we have moved to the so-called two meters society. Always keep a safety distance of at least 2 meters between you and others in classrooms, corridors and other VAMK premises.
  • Stay home if you notice any symptoms of a viral infection, such as respiratory symptoms, stomach disease, or muscle aches.
  • Participation in an exam in VAMK premises is strictly prohibited if you notice any symptoms of a viral infection, such as respiratory symptoms, stomach disease, or muscle aches.
  • Teachers will provide more detailed instructions as needed.

Can I use the services of student health care?

So far, student health care (situation May 08th) is normally open.


Can I visit in Tritonia?

Tritonia will open with limited service on Monday 1.6. Opening hours during summer 1.6-14.8 are Mon 11-17, Tue-Thu 11-16, Fri-Sat closed. Read more at Tritonia's webpage


Can I visit student services, use the services of the student counselor or thesis supervisor?

For the time being, student services are moving to an operating model where no face-to-face customer service is provided, but by telephone or through the service addresses and Phone support in particular should be used primarily to support teaching and other critical activities.


IT-Services (helpdesk)

For the time being, information systems services are moving to an operating model where no face-to-face customer service is provided, but by telephone or through the service addresses Phone support in particular should be used primarily to support teaching and other critical activities.

Large-scale remote working is likely to cause some problems, such as slowness of services, especially in the case of a national or global service. We ask for patience and flexibility. In the event of serious problems with the availability of our services, you can find more information about alternative services at: vamkissajuurinyt/korona/

When using a VPN connection, avoid unnecessary use of social media (eg YouTube, Facebook). The VPN connection is for VAMK intranet services only.


How is the hygiene of the classrooms taken care of? 

The cleaning of premises will be intensified. Hand disinfectants are available in public areas. All users of the facility should take particular care of their hand hygiene and avoid touching their face as advised by health authorities.


Can I travel Finland or abroad?

For the time being, VAMK's students and staff no longer travel in Finland or abroad in matters regarding work or study. The travel restriction is valid until August 14th.


I'm scared to come to campus, what do I do?

With most of the teaching going online, there are fewer people on campus, so the risk of exposure has decreased. Let’s remember to keep enough distance between us and good hand hygiene.

I belong to a risk group, what should I do?

Students: please contact your teacher for study options. Staff: Please contact your supervisor for guidance on possible work options. Also consult the occupational health care.


When working remotely between 18 March to 14 August and visiting the workplace, do I need to sign in?

When leaving for remote work, you sign out: 'remote work'. If you go to the workplace during a remote work session, please  update your bookkeeping (for the sake of certainty) but don't sign in.


What do I do if I feel sick?

If you have any doubts, stay home. Report your absence to the teacher as usual. If you suspect you have been infected with or been exposed to coronavirus, contact the hospital or health center in your area by phone. There you will find instructions on how to seek treatment.


What do I do if I am diagnosed with coronavirus?

Follow the instructions of the authorities.

Posted on 03/13/2020.