VAMOK is often described as "the greatest small student union in Finland". Here students are not just students – they know they can change things and have their say. A clear proof of this is the highest voting rate in Finland – for the second year in row. The student life in Vaasa has much to owe to these hardworking representatives.

VAMOK is the student union of the Vaasa University of Applied Sciences. VAMOK has about 1750 members. VAMOK offers different services to its members and looks after the students’ interests.

Everyone studying at the Vaasa University of Applied Sciences can join VAMOK.

By joining VAMOK you can make sure that someone looks after your interests and you also get different member benefits. You get the SAMOK student card that gives you several student discounts and you can participate in VAMOK’s sports classes for free. You can find more information about VAMOK’s member benefits from this webpage under “membership” and “membership discounts”.

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Posted on 08/27/2020.