Immediately after the war of aggression launched by Russia, the rectors' organisations of Finnish higher education institutions expressed their support for Ukraine. VAMK stands in the same line with other higher education institutions and the whole world, supporting country that has been forced under inhuman acts of violence by Russia.

– We express full support for Ukraine, and we don’t accept the acts of war that Russia has launched against Ukraine, highlights Kati Komulainen, CEO, President of the Vaasa university of Applied Sciences.

VAMK is an international organisation known for its community with over 40 nationalities, both students and staff members, and it does not accept any kind of hate speech neither in its immediate environment nor outside. VAMK supports all its students and teachers regardless of their nationalities they represent.

– In addition, with our education system we want to be part of active society which acts for better tomorrow, Komulainen says.

Both students and staff in VAMK are taken care of: Students have received message with instructions where to contact in case they experience anxiety or have need for discussion and superiors and directors have been asked to follow actively the need for discussion amongst their subordinates.

–In times like this we need to stay united and support each other. VAMK’s ethical guidelines highlight appreciative interaction in all its forms. We interact and communicate appreciating each other. We value and respect each other as people, concludes Komulainen.

Julkaistu 01.03.2022.