EU General Data Protection
Articles 13 and 14


 1. Name of the Register

The register of writers contributing to online magazine Energy  

 2. Data Controller

Oy Vaasan ammattikorkeakoulu  - Vasa yrkeshögskola Ab (y-tunnus 2267669-3), University of Applied Sciences,  Wolffintie 30, 65200 Vaasa

3. Representative of the Data Controller

Kati Komulainen, Rector, President, +358 207 663 400

4. Liaison of the Data Controller

Eva Sundell, Marketing Designer, +358 207 663 486

5. Data Protection Officer of the Data Controller

Hannu Teulahti, DPO, +358 207 663 589

Requests concerning the implementation of rights are addressed to the DPO of the keeper of the register..

6. Purpose of the Personal Data Processing

The service includes personal data in articles, in data documentation, in the data of the logged-in users and log data coolected by the service.

The data are processed to enable the implementation of the service.

7. Legal Basis for Personal Data Processing

The legal bases for theprocessing of personal data are the following bases in accordance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation:  

 a)  processing is necessary for the purposes of the legitimate interests pursued by the controller or by a third party (GDPR 6 art. 1.f);

 b)  processing is necessary for the performance of a contract to which the data subject is party (GDPR 6 art. 1.b).

The use of the register is based on the legislation pertaining to Universities of Applied Sciences.

8. Data Contents of the Register

The following data is collected on the registered users (data subjects):


•Emails address


The service is available on  on Google  Analytics.   The following information is collected.

•Browser type /version (for example Internet Explorer 11)

•Browser language version (for example: Finnish)

•Operating system (for example Windows 10)

•Brand, type and model of equipment

•Type of dislay

•Referrer URL (previous page visited)

•Page loadings


•Country, region, city from which the request was sent

•Search operators

There may be personal data included in the material saved in the service, such as names of persons or photos. VAMK, Úniversity of Applied Sciences is responsible for this material as an organisation which has produced the material.

9. Data Systems Used

The data is in the Word format and it is stored on VAMK’s network drive. Only the system administrator of the online magazine has an access right to the Word file.  

10. Regular Source of Data

Data is collected from the data subject her/himself.

11. Retention Period of Personal Data

The personal data collected into the register will be stored as long as and in the extent considered necessary. In addition, personal data is stored in accordance with an eventual statutory retention time. 

12.  Regular Tranfers and Disclosure of Personal Data

Personal data stored in the register can be dsiclosed as the need arises in accordance with and as permitssible by law to those who have a legitimate right  (for example the Ministry of Education and Culture) receive data from the register.

13. Regular Tranfers and Disclosure of Personal Data outside EU or EEA

As a rule, personal data stored in the register will not be transferred or disclosed outside the EU and EEA.

14. Principles of Protection of  Personal Data

a) Manual Material

The manual materual is processed and archived in a locked and access-controlled facility.

b) Data Processed in Data Systems

Only persons who have a right of access because of their work have access and can use  the data in the system. 

15. Rights of the Data Subject

The data subject has a right

  • to receive information on the processing of her/his personal data  
  • gain access to the data
  • rectify the data
  • erase data and be forgotten (unless a legitimate reason such as exercise of official authority given to UAS)  
  • restrict the processing of the data
  • transfer data from one system to another 
  • object to the data processing
  • not to be subject of  a decision based on automated processing

The data subject has a right to file a complaint to the Office of Ombudsman for Data Protection if the data subject feels that EU General Data Protection Regulation are violated in the processing of her/his persional data.

Any requests regarding the implementation of rights of the data subject are addressed to the Data Protection Officer.