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    Information Technology, Bachelor of Engineering

    Englanti on tietotekniikan kieli. Mikset siis opiskelisi koko insinööritutkintoa englannin kielellä? Information Technology sopii kaikille tietotekniikasta kiinnostuneille. Suuntautumisvaihtoehtoina ohjelmistotekniikka (software engineering) ja sulautetut järjestelmät (embedded systems). Mahdollisuus opiskella myös huippuyritysten johdolla Digitalisation Academy:ssä.

    240 opintopistettä – 4 vuotta | Harjoittelu: 30 opintopistettä (5 kk) | Paikkoja: 40

    Lisähakuä 17.8.–21.8.2020.

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    Is Information Technology for You?

    The degree programme in Information Technology prepares you for demanding careers in the industry. You gain professional skills and a strong theoretical basis that are much needed in the rapidly changing environment.

    The education relies on the modern facilities of VAMK, and the high-level expertise of our lecturers.

    Our cooperation with the working life gives you good possibilities for taking part in projects with the local industry throughout your studies. You also have great exchange possibilities all over the world.

    Practical training (5 months) in the region's companies is included in the studies and is an excellent way to grow into even more demanding tasks.

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    Study Method in Information Technology

    The degree programme in Information Technology provides a wide course selection. Studies during the first years consist of, for example, entrepreneurship, data processing, communication, basics in mathematics and science, and the basics in your own field.

    As an IT-student, you can choose between

    • Software Engineering, where you learn to apply modern designing and programming methods for development of information systems
    • Embedded Systems, which includes product development and programming for electronics devices, as well as connecting electronics devices to data networks.

    The advanced professional studies focus on internationalisation and teamwork in projects, such as our NAO humanoid robot team. In Industrial Innovation Academy (I²A) Finnish and English-speaking students work together in projects assigned by industry and other working life customers.

    In Technobothnia Research Centre the students can get acquainted with the latest innovations of their field and take part in projects executed in cooperation with businesses.

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    Future Professions in IT

    We aim at producing experts who can help the large international companies and local players in their product development and technical applications related with IT.

    As graduate you have the competence to work in positions within design, research, production, marketing and product development in the fields of electronics and information technology. You are able to work as international expert in export companies or as independent entrepreneur.

    Your future profession often includes:

    • Product development
    • Programming
    • Electronics design
    • Telecommunication

    The degree programme in Information Technology has its roots in the local energy-related industry.

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    Opiskelija kertoo

    “Energy Cluster offers a lot of possibilities”


    Apurva Ganoo moved to Vaasa from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. His dream job would be something that encompasses the fields of IT, Design, and Business.

    Your motives to choose VAMK?

    Firstly, prior to moving to Kuala Lumpur, I had lived in Vaasa for almost 5 years. As such, Vaasa to me is almost like my second home. Secondly, Vaasa has connections to many engineering and technology oriented companies as the city itself is an energy-cluster hub. So from a work point-of-view, Vaasa has a lot of possibilities.

    What happened during your first days at VAMK?

    My first few weeks in VAMK was quite eventful. I think the various parties and events organized by the student union, VAMOK, definitely helped me get more acquainted with my classmates and other first year students. As the city was not really foreign to me, the culture shock for me was quite small, compared to that of my classmates.

    Your experiences of practical training?

    For my first two summers during my degree programme, I have had the opportunity to work as a summer-trainee at ABB in the Low-Medium Voltage Products sector. My work involved the assembly, testing and packaging of Protective Relays. I hope to get future practical training experience in the R&D sector or find working experience in some ICT companies.

    Your opinion of your studies?

    I was pleasantly surprised to find that the teachers and professors are very friendly and also willing to make time to talk to each and every student and give valuable feedback about our work.

    Most memorable experience from your study period?

    I think the most memorable experience I have had so far is working with the Industrial Innovation Academy (I2A) which is a student-run organization within VAMK that promotes a ‘learn-by-doing’ culture and allows to students to educate themselves about the industries in this region, skills needed in this region and lastly, working on industry based projects as well. For the last few years, I have been given the role of running this organization.

    What is best in Vaasa?

    The city being a student-friendly town and having a large population of students is a very big positive. It means that it is very easy to meet other students and likeminded people whether it be in academics, or student parties. I think having the many universities in Vaasa and their facilities near to each other is nice as well because it enables you to meet students from other fields as well as take courses arranged by the other universities.

    Your plans for the future?

    I think my future plan is to definitely study further in the IT field and later complement it with studies in the fields of business and economics. I think the IT field is one of the more positive fields, job prospect wise, due to it being a forward-looking industry.

    Apurva Ganoo

    Research Laboratory Technobothnia

    You will also spend a lot of time in the education and research laboratory Technobothnia where you will focus on technical applications from the practical point of view.

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