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    IT for Logistics, 3 ECTS cr

    IT for Logistics, 3 ECTS cr

    Get an introduction to logistics and supply chain management, and dive into different technologies which are helping the processes to become more efficient.

    • Mode of Teaching: Online teaching
    • Time: 10.1.–5.6.2022
    • Language: English
    • Price: 45 € or 300 € Open UAS tuition fee
    • Enrolment: 15.11.2021-28.2.2022






    • You will get an update on which technologies are relevant in logistic.
    • The course provides insight into how digitalisation will affect businesses.

    Target Group

    • The course is open for anyone in any area of interest, who want to learn more about the opportunities that technology can provide in logistics.
    • Basic knowledge of how a company works is good but not mandatory.

    Course Overview

    Learning Outcomes

    After completion of this course you will

    • learn the basics of logistics and supply chain management
    • be able to identify the technologies needed for the traceability of the materials in the logistical network of the company
    • get familier with the use of technonolgies and applications to improve the efficiency of logistics operations. This refers to operations within a warehouse or distribution center, tasks in the supply chain management systems and/or enterprise resource planning systems.


    The course is divided into 7 parts with learning activities and assignments:

    • Part 0: Getting started | The first week
    • Part 1: Introduction to SCM and Logistics | 2 weeks
    • Part 2: Technologies in SCM and Logistics | 2 weeks
    • Part 3: Impact of Exponential Technologies on Global SCM | 2 weeks
    • Part 4: Integrating Blockchain Technology within Supply Chain Operations | 2 weeks
    • Part 5: Case studies of supply chain technology implementation | 2 weeks
    • Part 6: Guiding Principles for Driving Digital Technology in the Supply Chain | 2 weeks
    • Part 7: Technology in SCM and logistics: what does the future hold? | 2 weeks
    • End of Course

    Mode of Teaching and Methods

    This is an 100% online self-directed course based on task oriented learning with individual tasks, assignments and quizzes to do.

    In this course we will be using the principles of task oriented learning (TOL). You will need a computer and an Internet connection to read the on-line material. The course material is available in the Portal.

    The principels for earning points: 1 hour of estimated work = 1 point, that is 3 cu x 27h = 81h = 81 points. Everything you do in form of reading, watching video clips, doing tasks and assignments will give points. If you aim for maximum points, you need to do all learning activities on time and according to the given instructions.

    Study Material


    The course will be assessed using the standard scale 0-5, according to the earned points as % of the maximum points. Weekly activities, individual taks and assignments. The student will earn by doing the learning activities and keeping the deadlines. The following assessment methods are used in this course and the students will earn points during the course.

    Schedule and Location

    There will be an online start session in Zoom on Monday January 10th 2022 at 14:00-16:00, The session will be recorded.

    Further Information

    Senior Lecturer Kenneth Norrgård |



    You'll receive an information letter and invitation by email to this course  within one week after the application period. If you are not able to participate in the course, please let us know as soon as possible. Cancellation has to be made before the course starts.

    Further information about enrolment, tuition fees and cancellation policy: