Marketing to companies

    Business-to-business Marketing, 4 ECTS cr

    Business-to-business Marketing, 4 ECTS cr

    Learn how to market products and services to other businesses and organizations.

    • Mode of Teaching: Hybrid teaching
    • Enrolment: 1.8.–6.9.2021
    • Time: 10.9.-19.12.2021
    • Language: English
    • Price: 60 € or 300 € Open UAS tuition fee



    Target Group

    • International Business students, year 2
    • Professionals working in SMEs who want insights into modern B2B marketing
    • Prerequisite Skills: Basic studies in marketing



    Course Overview


    After completion of this course you will

    • improve your ability to reach out to customers by using social media and other means of marketing communication
    • deepen your understanding of business-to-business marketing, especially the need to change focus from goods production and distribution to long-term value creation and relationships trough sales.


    The characteristics of organizational buying behavior will function as a target for the company's marketing and sales activities. The emphasis is on managing the marketing mix-elements in an industrial organization in order to establish and maintain long-term relationships in the business-to-business market.

    • Introduction to Business to business marketing
    • Benefits gained from long-term relationships in the business to business marketing
    • The different roles and functions of the members in the buying center
    • Organizational buying and buyer behavior
    • Concepts and Context of Business Strategy, Segmenting, targeting and positioning
    • Planning and positioning the value offering
    • Managing the Marketing Mix Elements: Pricing in Business to Business Marketing
    • Business to business selling: developing and managing customer relationships
    • Channel relationships. Promotion tactics and communicating with the market

    Teaching Methods

    Course is based on blended learning where traditional classroom teaching is combined with online learning and independent study, allowing the students to have more control over the time, pace and style of their learning. Learning activities consist of lectures and assignments.

    Study Material

    • Vitale, R. & Pfoertsch, W. & Giglierano, J (2011): Business to Business Marketing, South Western, Thomson Learning. (Chapters 1,3,5,7,8,9,10,11,12,13).
    • Material provided by the lecturer.


    Numerical (0-5). B2B sales and marketing communication assignments 80%, active participation 20%.

    • grade 5: Retrieve information systematically from scientific publications in the field. Modify the information for various purposes. Assess the correctness and reliability of the information. Understands the development needs in the field and present development measures. Analyse and assess professional issues appearing in practical operations. Justify, giving the theoretical base, for the solutions made when acting in tasks of an expert.
    • grade 3: Modify and apply acquired information. Assess the correctness of the information. Justify the solutions made when acting in tasks of an expert. Utilize various problem-solving methods independently. Recognize the development needs in the field.
    •  grade 1: Retrieve and utilise information from various sources. Justify the solutions made when acting in tasks of an expert. Utilise problem-solving methods when given guidance. Find development needs in the field.

    Schedule and Location

    Teacher will announce more detailed schedule and location later. Contact teaching will be held at Vaasa University of Applied Sciences Wolffintie 30, 65200 VAASA.

    Further Information

    Senior Lecturer Thomas Sabel:


    Students can begin enrolling in courses on August 1, 2021. The deadline to complete enrolment is September 6, 2021.

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