Javascript components with React

    Introduction to Programming, 5 ECTS cr

    Introduction to Programming

    Learn to design, create and test small JavaScript components with ReactJS library.

    • Mode of Teaching: Online teaching
    • Enrolment: 30.8.–13.9.2021
    • Time: 22.11.2021-5.2.2022
    • Language: English
    • Price: 75 € or 300 Open UAS tuition fee



    Target Group

    • Everyone who is motivated and interested in improving his/her own web development skills
    • Prerequisite Skills: Basic programming skills (varibles, for/while, if/else, arrays, string manipulation, coding style, commenting), basic JavaScript syntax knowledge (including ES6 new features), JSON, understanding how front- and back-end communication occurs


    Course Overview


    After completion of this course you will be able

    • know the tools used to create a React JavaScript application and the building process
    • design, create and test small JavaScript components.

    The components may fetch the data from a backend server and show the dynamic content on browser in responsive way for various user experiences (mobile, tablet, PC, TV).


    • Learning the React concepts: react, npm, yarn, webpack, dependency, redux, babel, class, component, import, package.json, modules, router etc.
    • Getting familiar with the creating and building process. Understanding the needs of a dynamic single-page application.
    • Learning how to test and deploy the application.

    Teaching Methods

    The activities carried out on weekly basis is participating online lessons, watching the given videos, setting up the environment and returning quizs and assignments.


    Continuous assessment, the student is gathering points on weekly basis by using videos, coding examples and reflecting the learning outcomes in quizs. There is also a weekly assignment to deeply understand the new concepts and methods. No exam, the student will be validated based on the results from quizs and assignments.

    Schedule and Location

    Teacher will announce later.

    Further Information

    Principal Lecturer Timo Kankaanpää:


    The course is produced under H2C-project, funded by the Ministry of Education and Culture. Project ends 31.12.2021, and there wont´ be anymore free-of-charge training during autumn 2021.


    Students can begin enrolling in courses on August 30, 2021. The deadline to complete enrolment is September 13, 2021.


    Further information about enrolment, tuition fees and cancellation policy: