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    Introduction to Artificial Intelligence and Big Data for Business, 3 ECTS cr

    Introduction to Artificial Intelligence and Big Data for Business, 3 ECTS cr

    Get a clear and practical view on AI and Big Data and how they can benefit contemporary business.

    • Mode of Teaching: Online teaching
    • Enrolment: 1.8.–24.8.2021
    • Time: 27.08.202110.12.2021
    • Language: English
    • Price: 45 € or 300 € Open UAS tuition fee



    Target Group

    • Advanced business students
    • Professionals who want to understand the potential of artificial intelligence in business

    Course Overview


    After completion of this course you will be able to

    • understand the concept of Artificial Intelligence and all related topics such as Big Data, Machine Learning and Deep Learning
    • describe all the key AI technologies and how they are currently being applied in business
    • undertand the concepts on how to integrate Artificial Intelligence (AI) to business processes in order to manage workflows, optimize operations, and predict trends
    • reach out to customers by using social media and other means of marketing communication
    • gain deeper understanding of business-to-business marketing, especially the need to change focus from goods production and distribution to long-term value creation and relationships trough sales.


    • Knowledge about Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Data Science
    • Understand how Artificial Intelligence can help to optimize business processes, minimize costs and maximize profits
    • Applications of Artificial Intelligence Technologies
    • Artificial Intelligence implementation

    Teaching Methods

    • Online multimodal studies
    • Online lectures
    • Flipped Learning

    Study Material

    • Slides and Articles provided by the teacher
    • Artificial intelligence and machine learning for business for non-engineers (Book) Groom, Frank M., toimittaja ; Jones, Stephan S., toimittaja ; Ciuffo, Joe, kirjoittajaCRC Press [2020]
    • Artificial Intelligence for Business (eBook) Anderson, Jason L. Wiley 2020

    Schedule and Location

    Online lectures will be held on Zoom

    16:30–18:00 Fri, Aug 27

    14:30-16:15 Fri, Sept 24

    14:30–16:15 Fri, Oct 22

    16:30–18:00 Fri, Nov 12

    14:30–16:15 Fri, Dec 10

    Further Information

    Lecturer Kodjovi Lotchi:


    You can begin enrolling in courses on August 1, 2021. The deadline to complete enrolment is August 24, 2021.

    NOTE! The course code is TL00BG15, you need it when you register.


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